When it is announced that the school is going to conduct an Olympiad examination students are thrilled and overjoyed for the same. Students want to score well in the examination and secure rank, certificate and medals. We all know that hard work is the key to success in Olympiad examinations as sometimes because of lack of awareness when we come to face the actual examination we tend to make mistakes. These mistakes cost us due to which we fail to score a good rank despite doing all the efforts. It is very important to avoid mistakes in Olympiad examinations. Scoring more in Olympiad examinations not only provides us ranks and certificates, but it also boosts confidence in the subject.

Here we are listing some common mistakes made by the students appearing for Olympiad examinations and how we can avoid them.

  • Not following the strategy

It is very important to follow a planned strategy so that the preparations for the Olympiad examinations go hand in hand with the classes in school for class 9. Students make a timetable and plan strategy but they cannot follow the same. Lack of self-discipline can be a reason. Students should set realistic goals so that the targets can be completed easily and they can go by the strategy. 

  • Inability to read the questions correctly

Students get so panicked and pressured sometimes that looking at the question paper makes them nervous. They sometimes read the questions incorrectly, solve them incorrectly and eventually, the answer gets wrong. It is very important to take some time to read the questions carefully and then solve them. This prevents unnecessary confusion and  reduces the chances of the question going wrong. Also giving some time to the questions while reading them helps the students to understand the concept and formula to imply in the given question. It saves the unnecessary time that is lost in confusion and figuring out the implication of concepts.

  • Unfamiliarity with the OMR  sheet exam

There is a familiarity with the Olympiad examination as some students give olympiads for the first time in the class 9th. The olympiad is based on an OMR sheet. Students are habitual in solving the papers in the pen-paper mode. Marking the answers on the OMR sheet can be a bit difficult for the students. 

  • Answering a question by mistake 

Because of our unfamiliarity with the OMR sheet, we tend to forget that once an answer has been marked, it cannot be modified or deleted again. This occurs frequently when students have not had enough practise with the OMR format and do not pay enough attention to the questions while they are being answered by them. Students must exercise extreme caution when marking the questions, as once a question has been marked, the student will not be able to remove it or mark any other alternative.

  • Forgetting to write the name 

We get so worked up that the pupils forget to put their names on the answer sheet on occasion. When it comes to the checking method, it produces a lot of confusion. Due to the absence of a name on the answer sheet, the answer sheet is rejected. Even if the student has done exceptionally well on the exam, the answer sheet will not be reviewed because the student has failed to provide a name. Students should make a point of writing their names on the board. They should make certain that they check for these little details before submitting the article within the specified time frame.

  • Leaving the exam hall as early as possible

Sometimes when the students finish writing the answer sheet they feel they should leave the exam hall. Students also feel that the one who does the paper before everybody else has done it wonderfully. It is just a myth. Students should not forget to check the people once or twice in the remaining time to look for the questions they have and attempt. Students should look for the questions which are left unanswered and try to solve them by reading them again and again and linking them with the concepts they have learnt. 

  • Panicking during the exam 

Sometimes the students get very stressed and pressured because they are giving the National level Olympiad. When the students look at the paper it feels like they haven’t studied anything at all. The questions seem to be very difficult and out of the syllabus. Students need to stay calm and have faith in themselves. They need to realise that Olympiad examinations are based on the syllabus itself and nothing will be given out of the prescribed context. The questions would be at the level of class 9th so that every class 9 student can solve the question if they know the concept. 

  • Not practising enough 

Since the students are not aware of olympiad exams much because it doesn’t happen regularly, students do not practice enough to be habitual to the exam. Students should practice Class 9 Olympiad Papers With Answers. Practising from the Olympiad papers makes the students habitual to the format of the Olympiad papers. The students feel comfortable while writing the paper if they have practised enough. 


When students are reading the Olympiad examinations, they become nervous. They treat it as if it were a matter of life and death. Olympiad examinations are held in order for students to discover their hidden potential in a certain academic area. It increases the confidence of pupils in the subject matter and encourages them to gain more knowledge in the area of study. Olympiad exams are not insurmountably difficult to pass, and students can achieve excellent results if they focus their efforts in the proper direction. Students must demonstrate self-discipline and clarity in their pursuit of the objective. They must work on a regular basis in a spontaneous manner in order to maintain consistency. This would assist students in achieving high results in the Olympiad examinations as well as enhancing their school performance.