Good news jailbreakers, mobile substrate by Saurik is now Cydia Substrate and now it’s updated for iOS 7. It also supports 64- bit CPU used in iPhone 5S , iPad air & ipad mini retina. The update is now available on Cydia.

Description from Cydia says:

Substrate now support both iOS 7 & ARM64 CPU used in iphone 5S & iPads

Its developer saurik on twitter said :

Substrate 0.9.5000 has been released, with support for iOS 7 and ARM64. (For extensions to work on ARM64, they must be recompiled to ARM64.)

Mobile substrate by saurik is important tweak that helps device from crashes, many times when any tweak fails , it prevent the device from crashing and start the device in safe mode, it also prevent device from boot loops.

Since the jailbreak for iOS 7 was released, jailbreak community was waiting for substrate update, because old version didn’t support 64 bit, so many tweak were not working on iPhone 5S and iPad. Now it’s released almost all tweak will be working fine & other Great new tweaks will be released.