Mobile gaming has exploded in the past decade, delivering interactive entertainment into the palms of literally billions of people. Of course PC gaming is still going strong in spite of this growth, and the vast majority of people who have powerful desktop rigs or modern laptops will also own smartphones which are suitable for on-the-go gaming.

If you are a fan of casino games, you can take your pick of either getting involved on PC or firing up a mobile equivalent, like this online casino in New Zealand. But given the choice like Dragom Kingdom, which is the best way to experience this type of game?

Perks of PCs

Perhaps the best reason to stick to playing casino games on a PC is that you can virtually guarantee that any site you visit or software you download will be compatible with your hardware and operating system.

Furthermore because these games are comparatively lightweight, they will not be too taxing on relatively modestly specced machines, ensuring smooth performance on desktops and laptops alike in most cases.

Another reason to play on PC is that you will not need to worry about potential connection issues and the added costs of data usage which will come if you are instead using a mobile over a wireless hotspot or via your provider’s network infrastructure.

Advantages of mobiles

The biggest selling point of casino games on smartphones is that they can turn your pastime into a truly portable one. So long as you have adequate network coverage, you can launch your casino app of choice or visit the service in-browser and play everything from blackjack and poker to online slots without a hitch.

Being untethered from a bulky, desk-bound device will give you the freedom to enjoy casino games whether you are sat on the sofa at home, out on your daily commute or travelling further afield for a mini-break or a fully blown vacation.

Even the technical limitations of mobiles are melting away as the modern era of multi-core chipsets and huge allocations of RAM continues apace. Devices at the more affordable end of the spectrum can be expected to feature quad or even octa-core CPUs and hefty GPUs, which means that game performance should be slick, regardless of the graphical intensity on display.

Benefits of a multi-platform approach

Ultimately it makes sense not to limit yourself to just one platform for playing casino games, and this is something which the biggest operators take into account when organizing how their services work.

For example, you can sign up for most casino sites on a PC and play as much as you like on this platform, then either install the app or visit the same site on your smartphone and use identical login details to get access to all of your cash, credits, free spins or whatever other bonuses you have earned.

Cross-platform compatibility and interoperability have become integral to the gaming market in the past few years and online casinos are no different in this respect. While in the past there was far more segregation of play between platforms, the power of the hardware and the reach of the internet has helped to break down these barriers and bring players together.

One final thought; if you do decide to play casino games on your PC or smartphone and you want to get the best of both worlds, do your research and see which operators offer good experiences on both platforms. This will help you to avoid disappointment and fit in with your expectations as a modern player.