Google’s owned Motorola, which released Moto X some months back. Moto X is a great device with many customizations. The Moto X has an incredibly innovative feature called Active Display, which shows notifications using the AMOLED display and an orb in the center of the screen. But now there is new way to get notification by a LED light. A new hidden fact about the device is uncovered, The device carries a Green LED Hidden under handset earpiece.

The use of LED is that when phone battery is dead, when there is no energy even to turn on the display then this LED becomes active, LED lights as a warning of dead battery. Many people don’t let reach their handset at that position so that’s why it didn’t uncovered all this time.

Now, people at XDA has figured out how to use this LED. But before using this LED as a notification, your device should be rooted, it also requires Tasker. So before using this, device root and Tasker. So tell us will you people will root the device to use LED as a notification.

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