Tires are an important part of your motorcycle. They have a major impact on the performance and feel of the bike. Perhaps even more importantly, they help you stay safely planted on the road. Therefore, replacing old tires is a must-do maintenance task. If you’ve looked at street bike tires online, you may be tempted to do the replacement yourself. This can be a rewarding experience. Below are some tips.

  1. Make the Tires Warm

All tires, like most materials, are softer and more pliable when warm. Try leaving your new tires in direct sunlight for 15 to 20 minutes before making the switch.

  1. Lubricate With Soapy Water

Once you’ve broken the bead (separated the bead from the rim), use soapy water to lubricate the area. Slowly work the tire over the rim, lubricating as you go.

  1. Examine and Clean the Wheel

Before you start mounting the new tire, examine the wheel carefully for damage. Additionally, give it a thorough cleaning. Use a wire brush on the rim beads.

  1. Make Sure To Check the Mounting Details

Tires have mounting information with them such as the direction the tire should rotate. Check this information before starting to mount the tire.

  1. Lubricate Again

Slowly work the new tire into position, using soapy water as a lubricant. Once it is in place slowly inflate it until the beads snap into place. You will hear two loud pops, one per side, as this happens. Once it is in place, deflate the tire completely before inflating properly.

  1. Mount and Spin the Wheel

Put the wheel on an axle and spin it. Slow the wheel down and mark the top when it stops. Rotate the wheel 180 degrees and note how easily it returns to having the mark at the top. This will indicate how balanced the wheel is.

  1. Get Started

It can take a few hours to mount motorcycle wheels, even longer on your first try. However, there is nothing quite like knowing you bought and mounted discount motorcycle tires all by yourself. Give it a try the next time you need new tires.