Motorola Moto Z Play

When Lenovo acquired Motorola from the hands of Google, everyone thought it as one of the strange decision ever. However, later on, that decision turned out to be a great one. Motorola, under the ownership of Lenovo, till date has released an array of smartphones including the Moto G Plus (4th Gen) and the flagship Moto Z series of modular smartphones.

The latest one to arrive from the vendor is the Motorola Moto M, which was launched in China a few days ago. Lenovo is pricing all the smartphones aggressively and the Moto M is no exception. That being said, Motorola already has the Moto Z Play priced in the same range, but a tad higher. Here’s how the Moto Z Play and the Moto M competes with each other.

Moto M is the First Motorola Smartphone to Feature Metal Body!
In terms of design, the Motorola Moto M is the first smartphone to feature the metal body. The Moto Z Play comes with a glass on both front and back and it feels slippery at times. Also, the Moto Z Play has support for Moto Mods as well and you can observe the magnetic pins at the button. Both the smartphones are great when it comes to design.

Same Display on Both the Phones
The Motorola Moto M and the Moto Z Play comes with the same display size of 5.5-inch with a resolution of 1080×1920 pixels and a pixel density of 401 PPI and 403 PPI. On paper, both the smartphones display is similar and we are expecting the same in terms of real world usage as well.


The Motorola Moto M has 4GB of RAM
In the hardware department, the Moto M comes with a MediaTek Helio P15 chipset along with 4GB of RAM. The Moto Z Play comes with a 2.0GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 chipset along with 3GB of RAM. Both the smartphones have 32GB of internal storage and both of them have support for microSD card slot. Even bearing a mid-range chipset, the Moto Z Play performs well in real life without any performance issues.

The Moto Z Play has a Front-Facing Flash
Camera wise, both the smartphones feature the same 16MP sensor on the rear and we all know how the 2016 Motorola smartphones performed in terms of camera performance. The difference can be seen in the front-facing snapper as the Moto M has an 8MP snapper on the front and the Moto Z Play has a 5MP one, but with an advantage of LED flash on the front.

The Z Play Comes with Bigger Battery
If you’ve gone through several reviews of the Moto Z Play, you might have seen that all about the phone’s battery life and some of them even rated that the phone as the best battery Android phone. The Moto M comes with a relatively smaller 3050mAh battery than the Moto Z Play’s 3510mAh battery.

It’s a Tie
In terms of specifications, both the smartphones from Motorola offer similar hardware, however, if you’re looking for a big battery smartphone, then your choice should be the Moto Z Play. If you want a smartphone with powerful hardware, then the Moto M should be your choice.