moto x walnut teakMotorola is already preparing Moto X successor Moto X + 1. Few days ago its branding was leaked. It was also reported that Moto X+1 to come with leather back finish.

Moto X+1 will come with customized back cover options similar to current flagship Moto X. Moto X can be customized with wooden back finish, but Moto X+1 will come in leather back option.

Moto X+1 backplateNow, Evleaks has leaked the backplate options for Moto X+1. According to the leak, Moto X +1 will come in twenty five back cover options. As you can see in the image above Moto X+1 will come in leather as well as wooden back finish options.

There are four color option in Leather back options viz Black, Red, Grey and Blue. Wooden back finish will also come in four back finish options viz Teak, Bamboo, Rosewood and Ebony. Moto X+1 in leather and wooden back finish will give premium feel to the device.

Apart from wooden and leather back, it will also come in Cool, Neutral and Warm color options. There are total 25 backplate options for Moto X+1. User can customize backplate using Moto Maker. Moto X+1 will also come in replaceable back cover, so that user can change it anytime.

Other details like specification, launch date and price is unknown at the moment. Moto X+1 is still couple of months away from launching but we seeing many leaks around it.

It will be interesting to see so many backplate options for Moto X+1 from Motorola.