In my search for the ideal software to edit the videos of my YouTube channel, I came across Wondershare FilmoraGo, the software that has become my favorite at the moment, and here I explain why.

My YouTube channel has also been growing in recent months, and for this I have had to dedicate a little more work, although due to my time constraints, I needed a software video editing that allows me to work quickly, where more than extremely professional and advanced options, I have rather fast options, where I do not need to make too many manual adjustments.

In that search I found Wondershare FilmoraGo, which thanks to the kindness of the people at Wondershare I have been able to test thoroughly, and today I will tell you about my experience. But at first, you can open here and download the app.

In short, the minimum requirements are not very demanding. However, you must bear in mind that, if you work or want to work with 4K videos, the minimum requirements are raised a bit, and in fact, as I said before, it is better to have a powerful computer, the most powerful that our budget.

In my case, I have been using Wondershare FilmoraGo with the same laptop with which I have worked on other software for 5 years now, a laptop with a fourth generation Intel Core i7-4700MQ quad-core processor, which goes up to 2.40 GHz , NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M graphics card with 2GB video memory, and 16GB of RAM. Also, this laptop now works with a 240GB SSD (solid state) disk, as opposed to the 1TB HDD I had until about a year ago, and trust me using an SDD instead of an HDD makes a big difference.

Interface and ease of use

Generally speaking, FilmoraGo is very easy to use software, even in its full mode. As soon as we open the software, we have the possibility of starting the program in up to 4 modes: (i) Full functions mode, (ii) Easy mode, (iii) Precision cutter, and (iv) Action camera; The last three modes are quite simple to use to do jobs very quickly, while the first, as its name says, shows us all the options that FilmoraGo offers us.

The action camera mode is basically designed to work with videos made with that type of camera, so we can make lens corrections, for example to eliminate the barrel effect, stabilize the image, and eliminate noise, we can also work by changing the speed of the clips we use, and finally work with the colors. We can do all of this very easily and intuitively.

The Precision Cut mode allows us, precisely this, to make very minute cuts in the track clips and then export them as independent videos, this for example could help you to work on videos for your Instagram stories, being able to cut long final clips or videos in 15-second parts.

On the other hand, Easy Mode is a kind of quick guide or assistant to make a video. Here basically the software allows us to easily add clips, give it an appearance based on themes, and add music to it to later obtain a high quality final product.

Returning to the home screen, it should be noted that we can choose to open recent projects, so that we do not have to enter the program to search for them from the Open menu. Here we can also choose the video format we want to obtain, the options being: (i) 16: 9 Panoramic Movie, (ii) 4: 3 Standard, (iii) 1: 1 Instagram, and (iv) 9:16 Vertical. The first two formats are the typical ones to work on videos for YouTube, for Facebook, or to record on any CD or project it on any screen. However, I want to highlight that the last two options make FilmoraGo an ideal video editing program for Instagram, both normally uploaded videos (1: 1), as well as for editing videos for stories or for IGTV (9:16).

Now entering the full version of FilmoraGo, we have a very clean and minimalist interface, but that does not leave us short of functions. Actually with FilmoraGo we can do almost everything we would like when trying to edit a video. However, although it is very complete, there is not much to do if we want to work with advanced functions.

With FilmoraGo we can edit a video completely, cut and join videos, we can add music to videos and photos, add texts and credits, add transitions and filters, add layers, add resources (drawings, shapes and figures), work with screens divided to see several clips at the same time, and of course export the videos.

With regard to music, note that it comes with an interesting library of songs and sound effects. However, it may fall short. Luckily, we can add our own songs and sounds to the library. In addition, from the effects store we can download more sounds, although there are not so many. For me, the program is one of the best video editing software ever made. I recommend you to subscribe this YouTube channel to get more information.