OxygenOS for OnePlusLast week, OnePlus has announced that it will be releasing the OxygenOS ROM for its OnePlus One on 27 March. But now Oneplus has failed to deliver the Lollipop ROM on time.

OnePlus has said that the release has been delayed due to extra quality control. The team further states that the OxygenOS is fully functions without any issues. But the team want to make sure that OxygenOS passes Google certification so that the device receives future OTA updates easily.

The team at OnePlus hasn’t announced the release date of OxygenOS for OnePlus One. But it says that it will be sharing the updates daily. The OxygenOS might be released next month.

Along with OxygenOS release date, OnePlus has said that the CM12s update will be released by 30 March. It looks like CM12 OTA update will also miss the deadline.

The Chinese manufacturer might release both OxyGenOS and CM12s next month.