In today’s time there are many new businesses and organisations are being opened and to help their company work smoothly and to have a strong internet presence among its many competitors, these new businesses and organizations are using Node JS and for that they are looking for the best Node JS development company so as to hire Node JS developer. And with so many businesses starting up at the same time there is a lot of need for the Node JS development Companies.

But what exactly is Node JS? Well, it is basically a framework which provides a combination of many things such as a set of libraries, helpers and various other such tools that helps not only the developer to create a very fast web application but it also makes the web application so fast and efficient for the customers that they absolutely love it. Hence the need to go for the Node JS developers for individual businesses and organizations is so high.

Why exactly does Node JS so popular these days among developers?

Well, there are a few factors, which makes the Node JS is so popular and they are:

  1. Since Node JS uses the JavaScript engine it allows both Frontend and backend developers to use the same tools and libraries, due to which they can easily share codes.
  2. Node JS also has multi functions, like if the server is waiting for a specific information it creates a queue and while it is waiting it can complete other different tasks.
  3. Last but not the least the Node JS allows the developers to use the same language for scripting in both the client side as well as server side, which make things very easy for both the parties and the servers which is the company as well as the developers can have a first hand experience of what the client sees and then let them edit and make changes accordingly.

Now we are going to look at the framework provided by Node JS that is going to be in trend in the year 2021.

  1. Express JS

If you are willing to hire Node JS developers and want to avoid development issues then the express js is just the application for you because it does just that. Express js is an application framework which is filled with ample features that will help you avoid many development problems and help you work very smoothly as well as efficiently. And not only that it also allows you to integrate various other databases but at the same time it offers you to configure as well as customize your database with extreme ease. And if you are building an app that has to handle multiple requests from customers as well as notifications that the customers send then using express js along with Node JS will be a heaven for you, as it can build APIs for not only single page and multi page but as well as for hybrid web apps.

  1. Meteor JS

Now if you are looking for a framework that can be compatible for iOS, android as well as desktop then Meteor js is just for you because it is compatible on all three of the platforms. And along with being so compatible that enhances its flexibility it also offers the client server multiple other features like a set of packages, libraries, as well as testing tools that further helps the client server to communicate with much ease and with extreme smoothness. The meteor js also makes integration on Mocha and Jasmine Syntax really easy, as it can automatically start the testing procedure as soon as the code is implemented. This is why the Node JS development company are looking for this particular thing.

  1. Koa JS

If you are looking for a framework that can develop the web applications as well as the APIs at a really high speed then the Koa js is just for you. And along with being one of the fastest frameworks it is also small, which is very likeable by many developers. The koa js is also amazing because it provides an upstream as well as downstream flow of control which in turn makes programming so much more easier and also enhances the overall productivity. Along with being smaller and providing a great flow of control for both the streams it also allows you to choose your desired modules for your web application that you are working on, hence enhancing flexibility even more.

  1. Nest JS

Now the next js is a backend that is the server side application framework but when it is used along with node js it boosts the developers productivity. This nest js helps build a very dynamic and at the same time a very huge enterprise grade application and along with that it allows the developer to freely access the libraries hence also enhancing flexibility.

  1. Total JS

What the total js basically does is it helps the developer to create not any application but a fully customized application and that too at a much higher speed as compared to other traditional methods. So the developers can create websites, e-commerce, REST service and many other such applications.

  1. Hapi JS

Now this is almost similar to express js as it also helps to fill in the gap between the server side and the client side. But apart from that it also allows the developers to create servers on very specific IPs. And along with that is also offers multiple features for a much faster as well as efficient development services, and the features are as follows:

  1. It helps the developer by creating a support for document generation
  2. It gives the developers an API reference along with a detailed view
  3. It has a rather good command over handling requests which basically means that it can handle a lot of requests and notifications at the same time.
  4. It also offers the developers to include features like cashing, authentication as well as input validation in the application that they are working on.