Ola AutoPopular cab aggregator Ola Cabs has launched Auto Rickshaw in Indore. The App only Cab Aggregator has been working in the city since last year and offering Mini and sedan cabs.

Now Ola has launched Auto Rickshaws to Indore. Users can choose ‘Auto option’ while choosing a ride on the Ola App. The rickshaw feature is launched in Indore from this week.

Indore is the first City in Madhya Pradesh to get Ola Auto. The company’s Auto Service is already available in top cities of India. Now it is rolled out to the Indore city.

Ola Rickshaw IndoreOla Cabs is keeping the base fare to Zero. There will be Rs. 0 minimum fare for taking a ride on Auto in Indore. The App only only service is also offering first ride(upto Rs. 50) for free from 24-27 December.

Ola Auto in Indore will be charged at Rs. 10/km and Rs. 1/min. Riders will be also charged Rs. 10/ride as convenience charges. You can also take the ride cash-less as you can pay the fare by Ola Money.

So commuters in Indore can enjoy an Auto Ride using Ola App. The free app is available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices.