Chinese smartphone vendor OnePlus is pushing a new update to their OnePlus 3T phone which addresses several bug fixes and stability issues. OnePlus has officially stated the update roll out in their forums, and the update weighs 92MB in size and updates the phone to version number Oxygen OS 4.0.3.

OnePlus also said that they are rolling out the update to OnePlus 3 as well and as we are already aware that Oxygen OS 4.0 is based on Android 7.0 Nougat, but OnePlus is being plagued with several OS issues, which is making several users annoy, including me.

The official changelog for the update is:

  • Added Wi-Fi IPv6 Support toggle
  • Optimized Smart Wi-Fi Switcher, if turned on, device will switch to data connection if Wi-Fi signal is consistently poor
  • Fixed crashes for Line
  • Increased stability of the Camera app
  • Optimized exposure when taking night time photos
  • Updated Audio Parameters and improved the quality of audio recordings
  • Updated APN settings for select carriers
  • Amazon Prime App will be pre-installed for India Users

However, it is worth noting that the major known bugs related to Wi-Fi disconnections are still present in the OS, which is a sad thing to see. Also, this Wi-Fi flaw is the one that is causing battery life issues. Nevertheless, OnePlus needs to quickly address this issue to get it more worst than ever.

This time around, the company officially is providing some solutions for this Wi-Fi bug as follows:

Wi-Fi disconnections

  • If you experience frequent WiFi disconnections, please go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Configure WiFi (Top right hand corner) > Scroll to bottom of the page and check the IP address format (IPv4 = Single line, IPv6 = Multiple lines)> If the IP address is IPv6 based, then turn off the IPv6 Support toggle and see if the disconnections stop.

  • If you experience frequent WiFi disconnections due to switches between WiFi and data, please try turning off the Smart Wi-Fi Switcher at Settings > Wi-Fi > Configure WiFi and see if the disconnections stop.

The OnePlus 3T is a great phone but is marred with a poor software optimization. The OnePlus 3T is available for Rs. 29,999 in India exclusively via Amazon India.