Chinese company, OnePlus will launch its upcoming flagship smartphone,OnePlus 6T in India end of this month. The device will be launched on 30 October worldwide. As usual, the company invited its fans to the launch event.

OnePlus 6T leakedOnePlus is hosting the OnePlus 6T launch event in India on 30 October in New Delhi. The launch event ticket worth Rs. 999 was made available yesterday and within few minutes, the tickets were sold out. There were 1500 tickets for the launch event and all of them sold out in minutes.

All the fans who have managed to purchase the launch event tickets will be first to experience the all new OnePlus 6T. These fans will also get lots of goodies when they arrive at the launch event.

OnePlus 6T will come with In-Screen fingerprint sensor. The device is expected to skip the 64GB model and will come with 128GB storage as base model. OnePlus 6T will also get a price rise compared to OP6.

OnePlus 6T will be launched in India on 30 October and will go on sale from November. The device can be per-ordered for Rs. 1000 in the country.