With the beginning of new year, smartphone manufacturers have started showing their plans for the year 2020. OnePlus has announced the next gen 120Hz Fluid display for its upcoming OnePlus 8 series of smartphones.

As per OnePlus, the display uses the latest generation of organic light-emitting materials, with a peak brightness of more than 1000 nits and a much longer lifetime. The company has raised the touch sampling rate to an industry high of 240 Hz for a more responsive touch.

The new 120Hz display for upcoming OnePlus 8 series is manufactured by Samsung and its will be an AMOLED display having QHD+ resolution. OnePlus’s 120 Hz display has yielded significantly better results than other existing high refresh rate displays in the industry on measures of click response, scroll response, and accuracy.

OnePlus is including MEMC technology to deliver smoother video playback. MEMC is a technology featured in high-end TVs that uses real-time algorithmic adjustments to insert additional frames to a video file, enabling something shot at 24 or 30fps to play at 60 or even 120fps.

OnePlus 120Hz Fluid AMOLED Display will be seen in upcoming OnePlus 8 Pro smartphone. The device is expected to be launched in second quarter of 2020.