OnePlus has announced “5G Apps of Tomorrow” Programme to develop the next gen apps for the 5G environment. The Chinese company will offer several perks to developers whose apps gets shortlisted.

OnePlus 5G AppsThe 5G Apps of Tomorrow programme offers several layers of support for creators, whether they’re professional developers or just getting started. OnePlus will establish a 5G hub on its Forum, and from the pitches received, of those shortlisted, the Top 5 creators will then receive:

  • A paid-for trip to OnePlus HQ in Shenzhen to discuss their idea with Pete Lau
  • A OnePlus 5G device
  • Access to 5G experts via the OnePlus forums
  • Access to EE’s test environment
  • Financial support for one year

“One of the greatest perks in smartphones and related applications for 5G 1.0 will be the massive improvement in data transfer speed, which will create an illusion where cloud data is stored like local data. In the following 5 years, to which we will be referring to as the 5G 2.0 era, smartphones are predicted to be able to achieve more mature AI functions to connect a much wider range of devices,” explains Pete on the development of 5G. He added that, “With the well-established infrastructure and diverse smart devices in the market after 10 years, we’ll be embracing the era of 5G 3.0, where everything is smartly interconnected and a truly burden-less experience can be achieved. The service will be there only when you need it, and be on standby out of your way when not needed.”

“OnePlus’ pursuit in 5G is a mission decided together with our community. We understand that the developer community is an essential driving force behind the development of 5G. This is why right now, we’d like to galvanize these talented developers and encourage them to be as creative as possible as we embrace the dawn of the 5th generation of mobile network,” says Pete.