OxygenOS for OnePlusOnePlus has announced a new custom ROM for OnePlus One. The ROM will be called as OxygenOS. It is based on Android 5.0 Lollipop and will be released for OnePlus One soon. The name of Chinese ROM will be H2 OS.

Last Month, OnePlus had debuted in Indian markets and before OnePlus could launch its device in India, Cyanogen team ditched OnePlus. Cyanogen team partnered with Micromax YU and signed exclusive deal to sell Cyanogen based device in India. The deal prevents OnePlus One users in India to get updates from Cyanogen.

So OnePlus had announced that it will release its own custom ROM for its devices. The first preview build was released last month and now OnePlus has announced the name of the OS, OxygenOS.

OnePlus in a post explains:

As an element, Oxygen is the epitome of simplicity, yet it’s also extraordinarily powerful.

Oxygen is all around us. It’s part of us and everything we do. It creates the water that carves out valleys and moves mountains. By itself, it’s simple and pure—a fundamental building block. But, as a part of something greater, it can do amazing things. Just like us.

OnePlus will reveal more details about the OS on 12 February. OnePlus says that the Oxygen OS will be open, customizable, and free of bloat and unnecessary features. It will be based on stock Android 5.0 Lollipop.

OnePlus One users in India will get the OxygenOS update soon after it is released. The update is scheduled to release in February.