OnePlus One extended warrantyOnePlus has announced that will offer Extended Warranty to Indian OnePlus One users. The Three months extended warranty will be offered to some users in India.

The Extended warranty will be given to customers who had bad experience at OnePlus service centers. Customer whose problems took more than 15 days to solve, will be eligible for the free three months extended warranty.

Moreover OnePlus One bought outside India will also be eligible for free extended warranty. The company has also announced a new toll free number for customer support.

In a blog post, Vikas Agarwal said:

Our local forums and social media channels have been abuzz frequently on the issues being faced by our customers concerning our product not working as intended and the umpteen number of other device related problems currently plaguing a few customers. A few of you have been repeatedly communicating to us on the delay in getting their devices some running into more than a month. This is disturbing especially when we live in such a digitally connected world where our phones are our window to the world and the work each of us are involved in.

Mistakes were made on the way but we aren’t trying to justify ourselves here or blindside you with useless facts and pointers meant to take your attention away from the real problems at hand. Quite the contrary, actually. We would like to get your devices in order and tended to on the double. Minimal fuss, maximum support in terms of customer assistance from our side.

Also, in a first across the consumer device landscape, all service related issues till date that have faced delays or have been pending for longer than 15 working days in our support centres will automatically get a 3 month extension on their warranty for their OnePlus One in India. And just to make things sweeter, all future smartphones from our stable will follow this service guarantee.