Pebble, smartwatch maker which earlier today posted on its blog that “Something Special” from Company is coming during CES 2014 event. Company is also hosting live blog on its website. But now it seems like that “Something Special” is leaked. According to sources, 9to5mac reported that company is about to unveil the Metal & Gorilla Glass version of SmartWatch is coming.

Currently Pebble smartwatch comes in Plastic version only, but couple of leaks have suggested that company is preparing for Pebble Smartwatch with Stainless Steel Casing and Gorilla Glass.


There are said to be two versions, one in brushed stainless steel and a matte black one. The Pebble Steel is expected to come with a choice of metal and leather straps, and to retain the waterproofing of the plastic model.

It is expected that company will unveil Today during CES 2014, it is also expected that pebble steel will be $100 costly, means it will be charged at $249. It might be available by the end of January.

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