Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy devices are the best heating treatment to relieve physical pain as well as mental stress. These high-quality devices with a low-frequency range can cure all types of body pain, either acute or chronic. Various PEMF and FIR therapy devices and mats are available at Healthy Line to enjoy therapy from the comfort of home.

If you are looking for a therapy device with which you can enjoy a therapy session anywhere at any time – just a single click by a remote.

In this article, we have found some PEMF therapy devices and mats which have a wireless remote-control system to manage the intensity and frequency of FIR radiations according to your need.

HoMedics Stretch XS PEMF mat

HoMedics PEMF mat focuses on providing a healthy home environment that facilitates physical relaxation, and stress relief, and makes your life simple. It is one of the best PEMF devices that give you a modern way to relax your body and mind. It has four pre-programmed treatments that use precisely timed air pockets to simulate the ideal yoga experience. HoMedics stretch mat has an innovative design that leads you through a variety of exercises.

It has a remote control by which you can adjust the intensity and frequency of heating radiations to improve flexibility and release tension according to your need. The stretch Mat XS from HoMedics will help you get the most out of your yoga practice to make you feel more energized and less worried by stretching at least once a day.


  • Four pre-programmed methods
  • Remote controller
  • Controlled air chambers
  • Back support and pillows
  • Compact size
  • 3 years warranty

Paingone Aegis wireless TENS mat

Aegis PEMF therapy is a drug-free treatment that is mounted on the back where it delivers stimulating and calming electrical impulses to the precise area of your body where you need it. It is specifically created to aid in the relief of lower back pain. Aegis mat is only 82 grams and is small enough to be worn under clothing.

It has a remote controller by which you can activate it whenever you need it. It also has a rechargeable battery which is convenient and wire-free without sacrificing lightness or compactness.


  • Wireless TENS therapy device
  • Helpful for lower back pain
  • It has 15 modes: 9 manual and 6 automatic
  • Easy to handle with remote control
  • It is rechargeable

TensCare Sports TENS PEMF Device

The Sports TENS therapy machine uses EMS and TENS technologies to help with muscle building and maintenance as well as pain relief. This PEMF device includes 8 manual programs in addition to the 47 pre-set programs. The manual programs give you the option to set your parameters.

It is customized to precisely match the intensity to your flexibility using a straightforward handheld control. With more control, you may choose the level of stimulation that is most comfortable for you without causing pain. Also, this therapy device will not fly off whilst you are working out, providing you the courage to exercise to your maximum potential.


  •   Multiple functions
  • Li-on Battery – rechargeable
  • External charger
  • 10 TENS programs
  • 27 EMS programs

OMRON E3 Portable PEMF device

The OMRON E3 Intense Pain Reliever is the best PEMF device to treat pain in your back, shoulders, joints, arms, legs, soles, or feet, select one of the pre-programmed zones and change the intensity level to your preference. It is small, portable and has a compact design that can be easily used at home, at work, or while traveling by train and plane.

A drug-free pain reliever device with 6 pre-set programs for the back, shoulders, joints, and muscles. The system of this therapy device is based on TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology, which has been utilized successfully in clinical trials and is widely used by pain specialists and physiotherapists.


  • Drug-free treatment
  • Small and compact
  • Automatic programs with remote control
  • Three massage modes
  • Washable heating pad

These are some of the best PEMF devices which have a remote-control system to manage the range of temperature, heat intensity and frequency according to the need. These will help you to overcome your stress and body pain with just a single click.