Presently, for every business, whether big, small, or medium, warehousing is essential. WMS or a warehouse management system is software applied to manage and record every activity inside a physical warehouse of goods. The entire procedure of WMS deals with everything from inventory management to packing. The proper management of the warehouse will give you good benefits. Now let’s proceed to the primary warehouse procedures and how to handle them.

  1. Receiving

This step is very crucial. It is the first process of warehouse management. To perform this procedure perfectly, the warehouse must verify whether it has received the right product or not. You must be sure of receiving the proper products in the right amount and right time. If the warehouse doesn’t receive the appropriate products by following all the conditions, there will be negative impacts on your business. You can receive the products through Advance Shipping Notice from the supplier.

How to do it

Receiving ensures to receive the products correctly and efficiently. It lets you avoid accumulation at the receiving docks. You can unload the cargo from pallet trucks. Softwares like labor management systems and dock schedules allow you to properly allocate the exact amount of products. Also, the advanced technologies will let you optimize the warehouse receiving procedure properly without any error.

  1. Put-away

The next step is to put away, that is the second step of the warehouse management system. Here, the goods get moved from the receiving dock to the most warehouse storage location. If you fail to place the goods in the perfect location, there will be problems in the warehouse operation. If the goods get appropriately placed, the cargo will be stored faster and more efficiently. Also, the travel time will get minimized.

How to do it

In this process, you have to move the goods from the storage to the ideal location. You can use software like slotting and space management systems to manage optimal spaces for each cargo. In this process, make sure to put away devices and mobile applications to store the cargo in the proper location.

3. Storage

In the storage procedure, the goods get placed in the most appropriate storage space. When the storage procedure gets appropriately done, it maximizes the available space in the warehouse and enhances labor efficiency.

How to do it

You can optimize the storage process only when you can track the KPIs properly. You can use software that can calculate the storage utilization of the warehouse and can track the proper storage KPIs. It will let you determine the efficiency of each aspect of the storage procedure. Also, you can use a slotting optimization system that will help to assist you with the allocation of the best storage location. Finally, you can use the right warehouse storage system as per the size of the production facility.

4. Picking

In this procedure, you need to collect products from the warehouse to fulfill customers’ orders. It is the most expensive procedure in the warehouse. Therefore, you must focus on achieving the utmost accuracy. Any error will directly impact your customer satisfaction.

How to do it

Introducing the right technologies is the best way to optimize the picking procedure. You can use wearables or mobile to streamline the picking process. Also, you can conduct an ABC analysis to improve the warehouse layout. So, choose the right picking technology and take guidance from software to flawlessly execute the picking process.

5. Packing

In this warehouse procedure, the picked items get consolidated in a sales order. Then the products get prepared for shipment to the customers. In this process, you need to ensure that there is no damage to the products that will be shipped. Also, make sure to keep the packing light so that there will be no extra packing costs.

How to do it

You can optimize the packing procedure by using software that will guide people to execute the tasks. You must be attentive while packing as this process includes vital information like the weight and dimension of the product.

  1. Shipping

In the warehouse management system, shipping is the final procedure. This last step will succeed only when the proper order is sorted, loaded, and dispatched to the right customer. Also, the products should get traveled through appropriate transit modes and delivered safely on time.

How to do it

To optimize the shipping procedure, you can use software systems that will help you to streamline the critical tasks. You can get help from the labor-management system to allocate the proper amount of resources. Also, you can use a mobile shipping application to verify shipments. Besides, the loading systems will let you load cargo safely and effectively.


Presently, the warehouse industry is spreading vastly. So, go through the mentioned steps carefully and successfully handle the warehouse management system. Hopefully, the tips mentioned above will be helpful for you.