Prisma, the new app to convert images into Artistic images is getting very popular these days. You can find tons of images with #Prisma on all social networking sites. It is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Prisma Split featurePrisma has now added a new cool feature to its iOS app. You can now split your artwork images. Once you have converted your image by using any selected filter, you can click the split button to split images.

With this new feature, You can easily split your artwork into two parts. The Prisma app offers the splitting of image into Horizontal, Vertical and Diagonal.

As you can see in the image above, once converting the image into artwork by using any filter, you can split the image in two parts. Artworks in Prisma can be Split into two after using the filer only.

Prisma Split iOSAbove image is the result of Split image created using Prisma iOS app. Once the image is Split, you can set the opacity of created artwork like normal converted images.

To use the Prisma Split feature, update your iOS app on iPhone and iPad. The feature may be rolled out to Android soon.