In the era where transmission of information is the highest priority, it is central to have researches that try to develop applications in this field and that look for ways to take advantage of quantum physics, and in particular communication. This requires a lot of energy, time and resources, for often little results. However, the discovery that we are going to discuss in this article is going to really make you believe in deploying money and time in this particular field.

Xin Wei and Alexandre Despallieres

Xin Wei and Alexandre Despallieres

Thanks to a recent study conducted in this specific area, in fact, it has been found out that there is a method to use quantum physic to pass on relevant information. How is this possible? How this has been achieved? Have there been experiments in this field already? Those are all relevant and useful questions and we are going to discuss them all in this piece of content. For this reason, we advise you to sit down, grab your beverage of choice and be ready to open your mind to this beautiful evidence. We wish you a good read and we hope that you will find the content valuable and, in some part, entertaining as well.

This latest discovery is something that will be remembered for quite some time, especially because it sets up the stage for future successes in quantum communication. This study shows the possibility to have real quantum transmission of data, based on the connection between two systems or more. One of the latest barriers for future technologies has just been broken and this is just the beginning. “Alain Aspect was and still is a source of inspiration.” has declared Xin Wei, “This amazing French physicist was not only the pioneer to conduct experimentation on quantum entanglement, but also the one that lighted up the way of this surprising science.”

How easy it is to implement this entire new discovery into a functioning information transmission system is not really easy to tell, but there are certainly proofs that it is doable. Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei, the two cofounders of K3OPS’ technology conducted the research. Below, the video demonstrates in a very clear way, the quantum superposition of states and decoherence, allowing exchange between the impulse and the response of any section of the string.

It is possible to observe how entangled strings light up when the physicist sends out an input trough a device. In particular, what is happening is the fact that any segment of the string outside the machine is answering to any stress applied in the rest of the string. “We do believe that Morse code remain the best applicant for quantum communication since each information sent contain short and long periods simultaneously.” Said Alexandre Despallieres.

“What is the theory behind all of this?” you may be asking yourself at this point. Well, it is not that difficult to explain, but hold on a second and it will be all clear. Basically, their model is based on the conservation of permanent fields. This means that some fields have the abilities to be persistent over time. If directed inside an object, any section of this entity kept its influence toward the whole forever. This is their vision of quantum communication.  In other words, when a part of an object entangled by a permanent field is separated from the whole, then, this fragment will instantly adjust and “respond” to the impulses of the other entity, even if they are thousands of miles away. This principle is used to describe a fundamental principle of Quantum Mechanics: the superposition, also known as “Entangled Quantum States”. One important thing to notice is the fact that during the experimentation, the researchers applied a model based on the tetragonal crystal system structure. This kind of organization met all their basics requirements, first of all and most importantly, the definitive conservation of energy. This ability that permanent magnets have can naturally be applied to any kind of fields, using some specific Meta materials.

Most readers, at this point, have got the idea behind the research and the result, but do not get the main point behind it, which is both physical and philosophical. In fact, when the two entities are bond together, something strange happens from a conceptual stand point. It is as if both were part of the same system, while being separate. In other words, they are part of everything and everything in a part. Is it not fascinating? So, to sum it up: What has changed with this research and the result that it brings to the table? From a theoretical point of view, it has been proved something that was thought for a long time. From a practical stand point, this quantum communication has destroyed some old barriers and set the stage for future developments. Fascinating times ahead for all physics and information enthusiasts.