An electrical surge occurs when there is an unexpected amount of electricity that runs through your electrical outlets. It may be difficult to save your expensive appliances from an electrical surge disaster. It’s wise to haveelectrical surge coverage from First Energy md to minimize the damage and expense that it may cause to your home. Here are a few reasons why an electrical surge may occur and how you can prevent them from occurring.


Lightning is the main cause of electrical surges throughout the U.S. According to data, there are over 30 million incidents of lightning strikes every year. This surge in electricity can cause excessive damage to the electrical devices and appliances in your house. You can prevent this by installing lightning insulating systems which consist of a lightning rod, a wire, and a ground rod.

Broken Wires

Broken or faulty wiringcan cause electrical surges. Damaged wires often have little to no electrical resistance because they are exposed. These damaged wires have electric currents that can lead to disaster. With a faulty wiring system that causes an electrical surge you may notice a burning smell or burn marks on the electrical outlets in your home. You can prevent this by ensuring that the wiring system is properly installed by contacting a licensed Batemans Bay electrician.

Electrical Load

The electrical load determines whether or not you have an electrical surge. It’s essential to understand that there is a limit to the amount of power you can draw from a circuit. If you overload a circuit with more than it can deliver, it can cause an electrical surge that can damage any or all of the outlets and any connected device or appliance. To prevent this, you should always be mindful when connecting a device to a circuit and ensure there aren’t too many electrical devices connected at the same time.

Power Outage

Power outages are an unavoidable phenomenon during storm season. These power outages are most often caused by damaged power lines. The outage may not directlycause an electrical surge but once the power is restoredthe surge can occur. A sudden increase in power can be disastrous for your home and the resulting electrical surge could cause damage to electronics and appliances. In such cases it is better to have your electrical surge coverage from reliable companies like First Energy md.

Problems in the Transformer

Transformers are huge devices and are one of the major channels through which you receive electricity. Transformers can become faultywhich may lead to an electrical surge in your home. Since transformers are part of the channel through which you get electricity a minor fault could be a big disaster for your home. If this happens contact your electricity provider to get more information.

If you’re unsure if you had an electrical surge in your home, here are few simple steps to detect it:

You need a surge protector to figure this out.

  1. Get a surge protector with an internal breaker.
  2. Place the surge protector in the electrical outlet.
  3. You will then have check if the circuit breaker has tripped.
  4. You may want to attach an electrical device to see whether or not it works. If it does not then it is confirmed that the breaker has tripped.

If you’re still unsure if an electrical surge took place in your home it is wise to call an electrician to find out and possibly get it fixed instead of delaying the process. This could lead to damaged or destroyed devices and appliances which are expensive to replace. It may also become dangerous for you and your family. Which is why you should consider having electrical surge coverage for your home.