It takes a lot of courage and capital to start your own business. It is observed or rather has been a common practice where people invest all their savings to start a business. Businesses like fleet or transport work only on the trust level of the staff but the amount of cheating that the owners of such businesses endure is quite high.

To get a fix for this problem, GPS trackers come to the rescue; GPS tracking devices have now become lifesavers for business owners. Such devices help fleet managers and offer them the ability to monitor the vehicle.

A fleet manager can track and look at the summary of the vehicle on the mobile app with real-time alerts. Also, they can instantly access the current location of the vehicle, number of stoppages and excessive use.

There are several reasons why a GPS tracking system is needed and we have jotted significant reasons:

  1. Optimisation of vehicle resources

GPS tracking devices help business owners in monitoring the real-time location and performance of their fleet vehicles at any point of time. The device offers precise data on the driver’s behaviour, fuel usage and exact location. It is essential for a business owner to have all the relevant data as this will help him understand the performance of his vehicle. This will also give the owner the opportunity to focus on maximizing the business revenue through route optimization.

  1. Increased fuel efficiency

As the GPS trackers let you know the location of the vehicle and even alert the owner when a driver is taking a detour a lot of fuel can be easily saved. Alongside, the fleet owners can also observe a drastic change in the driver’s behaviour and of course a lesser number of unnecessary and unscheduled stoppages.

  1. Track and trace your assets

With the help of a GPS asset tracking system, the owners can trace their lost and stolen vehicles in no time and also reduce maintenance costs. These days the GPS tracking devices are well-equipped with progressive telematics like vehicle diagnostics, fuel level indicators and engine temperature indicator among others.

  1. Safety of the fleet

In the presence of a tracker, the drivers will be more attentive and will be more accountable for their whereabouts. On the one hand, the GPS tracking device will let them feel safe and they will surely behave better on the roads when at the back of their minds they know that they are being tracked. On the other hand, business owners can ascertain the real time location of the vehicle.

  1. Brand reputation

Brand reputation is a very important attribute and if the business starts to give you a fruitful result then there is no looking back. With the help of GPS devices, it becomes easier for such business owners to offer faster response times, efficient service and error-free invoicing.

  1. Happy client base

Business owners frequently find it was difficult to meet the ever-growing expectations and demands of their clients. Almost every client expects and wants quick delivery in consort with the time and needs that could fulfil their need. When a GPS enabled vehicle is available, the owner is able to make quick and informed decisions that are sure to improve customer service.

  1. Reducing labour cost

With the help of GPS tracking devices, even the driver is under pressure to deliver things and reach the destination at the designated time. That means, the time to reach the destination would be less along with less spending and early returning. The owner can even communicate with a driver if a problem is encountered on the road and assign extra trips to a driver if they are found in an idle state. GPS tracking lets an owner regulate the behaviour of the driver and have a greater number of trips and increasing revenue margins in the long-run.

  1. Reduced theft incidents

If the fleet owner has a GPS tracking device installed, they can know about their vehicle location at any point in time. If in case, it ever gets stolen, the owner will face no trouble locating it.

Kent CamEYE

KENT CamEye is the perfect solution to all the worries of a fleet owner. It is integrated with dual cameras to capture the inside and outside view of the vehicle. Both the cameras have 720p with 120-degree field of view (FOV) and are enabled with infra-red night vision.

KENT CamEye offers live streaming that lets the fleet owners to see what is happening in and around the vehicle and keeps them in touch with their drivers in real-time. It has artificial intelligence smart alert technology that send alerts like over-speeding, engine idle, power plug out and much more. All this makes this device a reliable one and help the business owners in increasing their trade.