We all have different reasons why we collect personal, private, and business addresses. For business transactions, the Global Address List provides a great reference for organizations and businesses around the world. If properly utilized, it has the potential to help businesses grow through and maintain the right contacts across various industries.

There is, however, a major challenge with GAL; there is no way to sync with smartphones automatically. Nonetheless, there are various hacks, such as syncing manually or using third-party apps to have addresses in GAL becoming part of your contact lists on the smartphone.

Why should you go through the trouble of synching GAL to your smartphone? Here are some key reasons.

It saves you a lot of time

In business, time-saving is an essential habit that we must try to cultivate. Having GAL synced into your smartphone saves you a lot of time. Since we spend so much time with our smartphones, we get to know them very well, making it easier to retrieve any information whenever we need it. When we have GAL contacts synchronized, it makes it easier to pick out an address anytime we need it.

You have your addresses everywhere.

It makes things much easier when you have your contacts anywhere you go. Although GAL is a global tool and can be accessed from anywhere in the world, you get a chance to personalize it when you sync it with your smartphone. This kind of portability means that you know exactly where and how to pick out particular addresses with ease. Whether working from home, traveling, or even working from a remote location, you can sync GAL to android or any other Operating System (OS) and this ensures that you have important contacts even when you are o the move.

An offline phonebook even without connectivity

GAL is generally accessible from any point where there is internet connectivity. However, you can bypass this hurdle if you have GAL synched in your smartphone. This puts at a great advantage, given that your internet connectivity isn’t always stable across the board. Offline connectivity is essential, even as businesses rely more on online presence today. There is still so much that happen and need to be done offline and having your address book offline is a good way to allow and ensure continuity.

Keeps Your Contacts Clean

Over a period of time, we all collect a lot of addresses, including emails, phone numbers, and business locations, and so on. Without the proper organization of this kind of data, it may be a demanding task to extract the information we need when we need it.

Having GAL synched in your smartphone helps to keep proper data hygiene. Data hygiene simply refers to the proper upkeep of data in an organized, clean, and accurate manner. With GAL on the user’s phonebook, it’s easy to correct any inaccurate information, just as it is easy to store or delete any unwanted contact.

For organizations as well as individual users, having the correct information regarding business addresses is an essential part of doing business.

Be in control of Your Contacts.

The Global Address List(GAL) cuts across people and businesses in several sectors across the world. When you have it synched in your smartphone, you are in control of these contacts. Within your organization, you can have easier management, deciding who can access the contacts, and how these contacts are used.

At the same time, some information is better left private, and this can be done using automated GAL sync. With GAL sync, the only information that essential to particular parties can be shared; hence private is also protected.

Third-Party Solutions are Ready Made for This

There are several third-party providers who offer tools to help sync GAL with smartphones. Most of these solutions are ready-made and easy to work around. Syncing GAL is, therefore a deliberate decision that you make, while third-party providers give you a platform to work around it.

It, therefore, happens that you are in control of any updates needed. Even when GAL is synced into your phone, you still have to look out for updates, work around them manually, and keep your contacts at their very best at all times. This kind of control puts the power in the hands of the GAL user and the smartphone owner.

Improved Performance

One of the main reasons why businesses collect essential addresses is to help push their business forward. With GAL contacts easily accessible on smartphones, you can have improved performance from your employees. It saves time, money, and even helps to broaden the contact list if possible, business partners.


GAL still remains one of the most useful tools for business and personal use. However, you must learn to take advantage of various elements on GAL and know how to use it with your smartphone as well.