In this technological era, all our data resides on our computer or disk. We tend to keep our photos, documents and all other major data on our Mac or PC. There are several instances when we delete a file either by mistake or thinking that the file is of no use. But when we realize our mistake, it’s too late! The file is gone. Once you delete to the file, there is no direct way to get back the file.

However with the help of a software, one can recover the deleted data from your Mac. The data can be recovered from Hard disk or external disk connected to the computer. You can recover data easily with the help of Do Your Data recovery software.

This software can be your saviour when you need to get back an important file which you deleted mistakenly. It can recover data in case of hard disk/SSD failure. It is one of the best SSD data recovery software. The recovery process is also very easy, you can recover deleted files in few simple steps.

Today we are going to review the Do Your Data Recovery for Mac Pro software. In our review, we will tell you how you can recover the data. The software is available on Windows and Mac Operating System.

Do Your Data Recovery for Mac Pro Features:

The software comes with several features. Lets have a look at some of the top features:

1. Multiple File Type support:

Do Your Data Recovery Pro comes with multiple file type recovery support. You can recover image, doc, pdf, avi, mpeg, mp3, mp4, zip, rar, audio, video, email, archive or any other file. You name the file type and the software has the support to recover the file.

2. Multiple Device support:

You can Recover lost files from all Mac computers like Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Mac Mini, iMac, Mac Pro, etc. It also supports recovery from multiple drives like HDD, SSD, USB flash drive, memory card, RAID, Server, video/music player, digital camera, or other storage devices.

3. Different OS support:

Do Your Data Recovery for Mac Pro supports all Mac software versions including latest macOS 11.0 big sur. You can recover data from all Mac OS including macOS 11.0, 10.15, 10.14, 10.13, 10.12, OSX 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, and Mac Server.

4. Recover from formatted or damaged drive:

The software comes with support for recovering data from corrupted or damaged drive. You can also recover lost files from formatted drive. Do Your Data Recovery for Mac Pro can also recover the data when data gets deleted after macOS upgrade or re-installation.

5. Lifetime updates:

One of the best feature of the software is that it comes with lifetime updates and lifetime tech support. If you have purchased a valid license, then you will get lifetime update. These update will solve all compatibility issues regarding future software updates from Apple. Software updates will also bring support for newly launched devices.

How to recover data using Do Your Data Recovery for Mac Pro:

By using the software you can recover deleted data. You can follow below steps to get back the data:

Step 1: First step to recover data from your Mac device is to get the software. Download and install the Do Your Data Recovery. We are reviewing the Mac version however the software is also available for Windows OS. You can download the windows or mac version as per your system configuration. Once the file is downloaded, install the software.

Step 2: After installing the software, open it by double clicking on the icon. After that select the drive from which you want to recover the data. You can select Mac hard drive, external drive or any other type of drive.

Step 3: Select the File type which you want to recover. You can choose to recover one or select all types of file types. By default all files types are selected. You can de-select any file type if you don’t want to recover that type of file. Selecting the desired file type will make the scanning faster on Do Your Data for Mac Pro recovery software.

Step 4: Now click on Scan button. On clicking the scan button, the software will scan in quick recovery mode. This mode will scan the files faster. This mode is recommended for normal file recovery when the file is deleted mistakenly. If the software fails to recover in Quick recovery mode, you can enable the Advanced Recovery slider button and then click on scan button. This mode performs sector-by-sector scanning and thus recommenced for advanced recovery like recovering file from corrupt drive.

Step 5: Once scanning is completed, the software will list all the files which can be recovered. With Do Your Data for Mac Pro you can check the preview before recovering the file. You can check the preview and click on recover button to recover the deleted file(s).

Step 6: Now click on recover button and save the file at desired location of drive.

In this way you can recover lost files by using Do Your Data recovery software.


The pricing of Do Your Data for Mac Professional starts at $69 for 1 year license on 2 Macs. If you want to get a lifetime license with lifetime updates then you can the software at $89 for lifetime license on 2 Macs. The pricing on Windows Platform is also same.

Final Thoughts:

In our review of Do Your Data recovery software, the application performed excellently. It does the job of recovering deleted files smoothly.