Have you ever encountered a problem when you mistakenly deleted a file permanently? Or you may have accidentally emptied the good old recycle bin in order to clean up the used space? Well almost everyone does this type of mistake knowingly or unknowingly.

Many times we end up deleting important files and then we start cursing ourselves for deleting the file(s). After deleting the file we start finding the ways to recover deleted recycle bin files.

Well today we are going to show you how to recover deleted recycle bin files easily that too for free. We will use EaseUS Date recovery free software to recover deleted files from Recycle Bin.

To recover deleted files from Recycle Bin you need to install the EaseUS Data Recovery free software first. Before installing the software make sure you don’t install it on the disk where the data is lost else those lost files and data will be overwritten. Once you have installed the software on your PC, start the application.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 11.0

Step 1 – After launching  the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free , you will see the above screen. You need to select the system drive where you have installed the Windows OS, as the recycle bin stores the files in the installation drive. After selecting the location, click scan button.

Step 2 – The program will then start a quick scan to find the lost and deleted files on the disk, and after the quick scan, a deep scan will automatically start to find more files

The scanning process will take some time to complete. Quick scan will be completed quickly but deep scan will take some time to complete. Once the scanning is completed, the files which can be recovered will be displayed. The window in the middle displays all the files and folders under the folder selected in the left window with more info (date, type, size and so on). The window at the right side displays a thumbnail and info for the file selected in the middle window. It provides a Preview option to preview some specific file types in the program. The app sorts the files as per file types.

Step 3 – Once EaseUS Data Recovery Free completes the scanning process, select the files and click the Recover button. Specify the folder where you want to save the recovered files.

In this way you can easily recover files deleted from recycle bin. It is advised that you don’t use the drive on which the files is to be recovered. If you continuously use the drive the without data recovery then the files will be overwritten and you might not be able to recover deleted file.

The free version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard allows to recover files upto 2GB. You can also buy the pro version which starts at $69.95. So you can use the software to recover deleted files from your hard drive or Recycle Bin.