India’s largest 4G telecom operator, Reliance Jio has suffered a major data compromise. Around 120 Million user data have been leaked and has been put up on a website. Multiple customer details have been leaked.

Reliance JioIn a major data leak, around 120 Million customer data base has been leaked. The alleged leakster has put all the details on ‘magicapk’ website. Due to huge traffic, the account of the website has been suspended.

Reliance Jio has completely denied the data breach and said that the data was not compromised on its systems. But the results from ‘Magicapk’ says another story. One can easily find sensitive details about the customer on the website.

Sensitive details like Aadhaar number and email address was also put online on the website. The magicapk website had a search bar in which you have to enter your Jio number and it will tell customer name, Email ID, Aadhaar number and activation date.

By looking at the activation date and time, we can easily conclude that the data put on the website seems real and claims by Reliance Jio are completely false. Many people have found their details on the website by entering the Jio number.

Many reports also states that recently purchased Jio number details are also showing up on the magicapk. However many number details seems to be missing from the database. But still a large chunk of users data have been leaked online.

It will be interesting to see how Reliance Jio tackles this situation and assures customer about their data security.