Reliance Jio has offering its services for free since September last year. The Telecom operator had already extended its free services till March 2017 in November last year. Presently the services are free till 31st march 2017.

Reliance JioIn current Reliance Jio Happy New offer, the company is offering its free services to all its customers. Currently it is offering 1GB LTE data at full speed and after consuming 1GB Daily 4G LTE data, the data speeds are reduced to 128kbps.

Now if a new report is to be believed then Reliance Jio could further extend its free services for another 3 months. If RJIL expands the unlimited calls and data for next months, then the free offer will be valid till Jun 2017.

Rumors also suggests that Reliance Jio would not be offering the services completely free instead it will ask users to pay a nominal fee to enjoy the free services for another three months.

Reliance Jio will reportedly charge Rs. 100 to offer its unlimited services free till 30 June 2017. Currently Jio has over 72 Million customers under its network and the company hasn’t started charging a penny to its customers.

Reliance Jio has invested a huge amount to deploy its 4G LTE network across country. It is offerings free services for over a year to its employees and for over six months to customers.

Key persons familiar with the development has said that it is high time that Reliance Jio should start making money and start charging the customers for the free data and calls it is offering.

Reliance Jio decision of charging a nominal fee of Rs. 100 will give the telecom operator idea about how many customers will continue using the services. Many experts have said that after charging for its services, Reliance Jio active customer base will be reduced by half.

It will be interesting to see whether the company will extend its services for free till June 2017 or not. We will come to know about the extension in coming month.