Reliance Jio, which is largest 4G Telecom operator in India is offering its services for free. The company started its commercial operations in India from September 2016 however it is testing the service since December last year.

Reliance JioInitially the telecom operator announced that it will offer its services for free till 31st December 2016 but earlier this month, Reliance Jio announced Happy New Year offer under which the services will be offered for free for another three months.

Last month we have reported that in order to offer better services, Reliance Jio has put a weird limit on its free voice calls. In our report, we have uncovered 30 Minute call time limit being imposed by the telecom operator.

After our report, Reliance Jio has not given any official statement nor they had replied to our queries. Many Jio customers confirmed the existence of the incoming and outgoing call time limit on the network.

But now it looks like Reliance Jio has removed the said limitation on its Voice calls over LTE. The Telecom operator has now increased the call time limit to 90 Minutes from 30 Minutes.

Reliance Jio 90 MinutesThe telecom operator has increased the call time limit on both incoming and outgoing calls. Earlier both incoming and outgoing calls on Reliance Jio used to get disconnected in 30 Minutes.

As you can see in the call log image above, Reliance Jio calls are now getting cut in 90 Minutes instead of 30 Minutes. We tested the increased call time limit on Idea cellular network

We tried both incoming and outgoing calls on Reliance Jio. In our testing, we made Idea to Reliance Jio (incoming) and Jio to Idea (Outgoing) calls and in both cases the call gets disconnected in 90 Minutes (1 hour 30 Minutes).

Its good that the telecom operator has made the necessary changes and has removed the call time limit on its network. We cannot call current 90 Minutes call disconnect time as limit because all other operators has near about same call time limit.

We think that the call time limit has been imposed by Reliance Jio to avoid misuse of the network. We have been testing the new call limit since some days. The call time has been increased days ahead of Jio Happy New Year offer kicks off.

In current Jio Welcome offer, Reliance Jio is offering Unlimited voice call, Unlimited data, SMS, Video call and apps subscription. However in current offer the high speed data has a limit of 4GB per day. After the 4GB daily limit is exhausted, the data speeds are reduced to 128kbps which is very less compared to 4G speed.

While in Happy New Year offer from Reliance Jio, the telecom operator has put the daily limit of 1GB per day. So now with the new offer, you can access high speed upto 1GB per day only. All existing customers will be migrated to Happy new Year offer from 1st January 2017.

So now you can talk on Reliance Jio network upto 90 Minutes in one call. If you are yet to take the Reliance Jio sim then you can get one under Happy New year offer.