Reliance Jio, the largest 4G operator in India had started its commercial operations in India from September 2016. The telecom operator is offering free Jio Welcome offer in the country till 31st December 2016.

Reliance Jio

Under the free welcome offer, Reliance Jio is offering Unlimited free calls and 4GB of high speed 4G LTE data on daily basis. The telecom operator is fighting with other incumbent operator for PoIs issues.

It is no doubt that the company’s Voice call service has been improved in recent times but Reliance Jio has quietly put a weird limit on its Voice call service.

Reliance Jio 30 Minute call limit

Reliance Jio is limiting all calls from its network to just 30 minutes. The company is not only limiting outgoing calls but also limiting incoming calls as well on its VoLTE network.

Reliance Jio is limiting both incoming and outgoing calls to 30 minutes. We are not sure why the Telecom operator has put the call time limit on its network.

As you see in the call log image above, every time when the made to Reliance Jio network, it gets disconnected in 30 minutes. The same thing is happening with many users across country.

We think that the Telecom operator might have put the call time limit to reduce the congestion on the network. Earlier Reliance Jio have revealed that crores of calls are failing each day.

In our usage we came to know about the weird call time limit on Reliance Jio network. Initially we tried both Jio to Idea (outgoing) and Idea to Jio (incoming) call. We also tried the same thing with Airtel and we found the same issue.

If the telecom operator had put the call time limit on outgoing call then it can be understood. It has already put the limit of 4GB 4G data per day on its network. But we are not understanding why Reliance Jio is having the limit on incoming call as well?

Reliance Jio has not mentioned about the call time limit neither on its website nor on its app. It should have made the users aware about the maximum call time. It may happen that by limiting the call time to 30 minutes, the Telecom operator is trying to improve the voice call service. Jio may be trying to prevent over usage of free call on its network.

Its really embarrassing when the Voice call gets cut in every 30 minutes. Reliance Jio should have atleast removed the call time limit of 30 minutes on incoming. As of now the service is free so we can manage the limit, but in January 2017 the service will become paid, so Jio should clear whether there will be call time limits on Paid plans as well.

We will reach out to Reliance Jio about the 30 Mins call time limit for incoming and outgoing call. We will update the article once we hear from the operator.