Reliance Jio Digital Services has launched a new app under suite of apps. The company has launched JioSwitch app, the new app allows to transfer data between smartphones easily.

Reliance JioSwitchThe company had already released its suite of apps. Now JioSwitch is also added in the portfolio of Jio apps. With this new app, you can transfer the data from smartphone to another.

Reliance JioSwitch is available Android smartphone via Google Play Store and Apple iPhone via Apple App Store. The free can be downloaded from respective stores.

The JioSwitch app allows to transfer files between smartphones easily. The file transfer takes place over hotspot. There is no limit on the file size to be transferred.

Reliance JioSwitch comes with following features:

Cross-platform: Transfer data between android, iOS and Windows.
Wireless: Select individual files and share it across.
No limit: Share Photos Videos and music without any size limit.
Fast as Flash: Fastest file transfer happens over 100 time faster than Bluetooth.
No Internet: Works without internet and save on your data package while you transfer files.

JioSwitch app is available for Android and Apple iPhone for free.