K3OPS will definitely make the change in terms of renewable energy usage by introducing the most advanced and efficient RF Energy Harvester in the market that converts all kind of radiation sources into a clean and free energy in the best interest of humanity to charge or run any electronic devices.
K3OPS Home AutomationDeveloped for more than 5 years by Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei, K3OPS has started the green revolution, for the benefit of the lives of people who work in the mines to extract minerals and the labor force who toil to make those hazardous batteries. The brand’s devices deliver an endless source of green energy, environmentally friendly and require no maintenance. The system is highly secured and at home, the lights will shut down, the temperature sets back and the alarm arms itself for your protection with a highly secure communication ensuring a constant monitoring, preventing the risk of fire or any intrusion attempts. Simplify your life, get a comfortable, a secure environment and save money on your annual home energy use.

Xin Wei explained: “The multiplication of wireless communications systems in our environment ensures sufficient microwave leakages to harvest from the ambient and enough energy to convert into DC electricity. Electromagnetic fields are everywhere and since they carry energy, they became for us the best candidate to deliver an endless source of renewable energy. We thought it was our duty to stop all redox process involved in batteries in order to become more respectful towards our environments and the health of all human beings. So we developed a technology protected as part of the production of science that will definitely make the change in terms of renewable energy and also help to cope with the electromagnetic pollution issues.”

Despallieres Wei

Xin Wei and Alexandre Despallieres

Alexandre Despallieres said: “We wanted to create green products that contain no toxic material at all. RF Energy Harvesting was the best candidate and became a real game changer since it delivers free electricity, it requires no maintenance and no replacement parts is needed. We first created battery like devices to replace toxic batteries and Smartphone cases that charge mobiles using harvesting surrounding RF emissions to turn them into a constant flowing source of green energy.  There are tremendous advantages from using renewable energies, to become more respectful of our environments but most of all, because we do believe that all together we have a mission, to preserve the future generations.”

“All K3OPS products recycle electricity using the Surrounding RF Energy Harvesting system as a source to operate or to charge the batteries of all kind of electronic products in everyday life. With this technology, it is expected to see an exponential rise in the use of battery-less devices in the coming future.