Reos, a consumer hardware and software brand from Cube26, today released a survey on the ‘IoT in India – What the consumer knows & wants’. It reveals that Home Automation is at early stage in India.

Reos LiteAs per the survey, only 22.5% of the consumers know about the concept of Internet of Things mostly from 36–55 age group. Around 65% of smartphone users are connected 24*7 of which 97.2% access.

It further reveals that 21% own IoT/Connected devices which includes 12% Wearables and 9% Home Automation while 51% are inclined to experience Connected Devices in the future.

The Home Automation segment includes Smart Lighting, Smart TV, Smart Fridge, Smart Washing Machine, Smart AC, Smart Thermostat, Smart Trash Can, Smart Fan and Smart Vacuum Cleaner. Interestingly Smart Lighting tops the list across Male and Female users and the 36-55 age group, while in the 15–25 and 26–35 age groups it is ranked 2nd next to Smart TV. Wearables (including Smart Watch, Fitness Bands, Smart Headphones, Smart Clothing) are the second highest ranked category expected to witness growth in the future.

Commenting on the findings, Mr. Saurav Kumar, CEO & Co-Founder, Cube26 said, “With increased Internet penetration and data usage, the Connected Devices segment is expected to witness huge growth by 2020. With the government’s continued focus on digitization and host of initiatives like Digital India, Start-Up India, Stand-Up India, Smart Cities and Skill India, we will see rapid adoption of the Connected Devices market in India.”