DealGuru AskMeBazaar
Earlier we reviewed the popular ASKME app and we found it to be Baap of all apps. Today we are reviewing another popular service from Getit Infoservices called DealGuru by ASKMEBazaar. It provides various deals related to shopping.

When it comes to online shopping, everyone one double checks all the details. Everybody wants to be assured that the merchant is not fraudulent and his money is safe and secured.

There are many benefits of online shopping, you can shop from home, you can get deals, you get discounts and you can save some money by shopping online. DealGuru is one the best website which fulfills all of these and lets you save some Rupees.

AskMeBazaar is the best website to see all shopping related deals and buy stuff. The site has various sections out of which DealGuru is best section to check best deals.

At AskMeBazaar you can check the new and popular deals. You can check complete details of seller like Contact details, address, rating etc by clicking on the product. You can even contact the seller from the website and even bargain for the product which is not found in many eCommerce website.

Many people often get confused between AskMeBazaar and DealGuru, you don’t need to confuse between them as both of them are the different concept. AskMeBazaar is a e-Commerce website and DealGuru is one of many sections of AskMeBazaar. On AskMeBazaar you will get all deals related to restaurants, shops, café, hotels, services etc. But DealGuru is a dedicated section for checking deals related to shopping. You can also buy stuff directly from DealGuru.

DealGuru is endorsed by famous Bollywood celebrities. The TV commercial is all over the internet and on all TV Channels. The commercial is very popular among online shoppers. Check out the promo below:

DealGuru has over thousands of sellers and they have an enormous list of products. You can check out deals in various categories like Fashion, jewellery, apparel, Bags, Automobile Accessories, Computers & Peripherals, Cosmetics, perfume, Footwear, furnishing, Kitchen, Mobile, Electronics and many more. Isn’t that huge number of product categories.? Yes it is, That’s why it is best deal website.

At DealGuru by AskMeBazaar, you can shop without worrying about fake products and your data is encrypted so that is no misuse of your important date.

You can check out DealGuru by AskMeBazaar by visiting their website and buy great product at huge discounted rates.

So, have you tried Dealguru and purchased anything from them? Do let us know in comments.