Earlier we had told you about Android Data recovery software, Today we will tell you about data recovery software for Apple iPhone. Recovering deleted data on iPhone is not easy because Apple devices are known for added security features.

That being said, It is not impossible to recover data from your iPhone and iPad. With software like Dr. Fone iPhone data recovery, we can easily recover deleted data from our iDevices.

The Wondershare Dr. Fone iPhone data recovery comes with multiple features. It can recover multiple files types. You can recover photos, messages, contacts, notes, calendar entries, Whatsapp attachments, and what not. So let’s review the software.

To recover deleted data on iPhone, download the Dr. Fone iPhone Data recovery. The software is available for Windows and Mac. It is compatible with all iOS devices including latest iPhone 6s/plus/ iPad. It works with latest iOS 9.3.2 as well. There is a iOS application also which can be downloaded from Play Store.

Once you have download the software, install the iPhone data recovery and then connect your device. After connecting your iPhone to PC or Mac, the software will detect the device. For application to work properly, you need to close iTunes. If you don’t close the iTunes, then Dr. Fone iPhone data recovery will not work.

Dr. Fone iPhone Data recoveryAfter detecting the device, the app will show you the list of data which you want to scan. If you want to recover photos, check photos box. If you want to recover messages and attachments, check its box. And if you want to recover all type of data, then click start scan. By default all boxes are checked, so you can simply start scan.

It will take some time to scan the device. The time depends on the type of device and number of options selected. It generally takes 4-5 minutes to complete the scan. After scan is completed, the data is sorted according to file types.

Wondershare iPhone data recoveryAs you can see in the image above, it will sort the data according to category. For me the data was shown for as much as two weeks old. In our review, the iPhone Data recovery feature works like a charm. It has recovered deleted photos, videos, Whatsapp attachments, notes, call history and many other things. You can recover selected photos to computer by selecting the recover option.

The free version of app shows you the data which can be recovered. To recover deleted data on iPhone, you need to buy the license code. The Dr. iPhone Data recovery software license is priced at $79.95.

The Wondershare Dr. Fone iPhone data recovery also allows you to recover data from iTunes backup file and also from iCloud back up. You can recover music files from iTunes backup file.

There are some feature of the Dr. Fone iPhone data recovery like iOS system recovery, backup and restore whatsapp message, move Whatsapp data from one iPhone to another iPhone or Android device. You can also erase complete iOS data using this software. To get all features, you can purchase Full iOS suite for $159.95.

Wondershare Dr. Fone iPhone Data recovery is one of the best software to recover deleted message from iPad and other iDevices. In our review, the software works as expected and it can come handy in case of any file is deleted mistakenly.