Fortress FuryThere used to be days when people like to play games on their computers. Now time is changing, Users now like to play games on the go. Smartphones are now taking over computer games.

Today’s smartphones are very much capable of handling high quality games. Playing Games on the smartphone is becoming very common and developers are also coming up with great games.

Today I’m going one to review Fortress Fury Game. The Game is available on both Apple App Store and Android Play Store for free. The game has good game play and it can keep you glued to it.

Fortess Fury is basically a multiplayer game in which you have fight with other opponent and save your fortress. In the start, you are trained properly. You have to build your Fort properly so that it doesn’t gets damaged easily. Initially you have to fight with the bots and win the game.

There are 3-4 points from where you have to shoot on the opponents fort. The weapon is very similar to Angry birds, however there are birds here. You have to pull the thread behind and aim to shoot on the fort.

There are defending shields which you can use to protect the weapon points. Whenever the opponent shoots, you need to protect your fort with shields.

You can build the fort with many materials like wood, metal and others. Many materials are locked which needs to be unlocked before using it.
The opponents are selected randomly. One thing i don’t like about is that it doesn’t select opponent based on your skills. Sometime you get a pro opponent and there is nothing much you can do to win the game.

One another thing which I didn’t like is that every time when you start the game, it downloads assets. Even after downloading game from App Store, it requires Assets which are downloaded from server.

Fortress Fury is developed by Youtuber XREAL:

“XREAL just launched an equity crowdfunding campaign via StartEngine. This campaign allows everyday fans and investors to express their interest in investing in this thrilling new venture founded by two titans of the gaming industry: Howard Marks, who co-founded Activision and turned it from a company on the verge of bankruptcy into a $2 billion acquisition, and Jordan Maron, who under the name CaptainSparklez has grown his YouTube channel to 8.6 million Subscribers and 1.7 billion video views.”

Overall Fortress Fury is a good game. If you play it for several hours then it can be addictive. It is available for free on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.