Freedom 251Ringing Bell which created headlines last week for its ultra affordable smartphone Freedom 251. The company announced the Freedom 251 in India at Rs. 251. Its registrations started on 18th February.

Within hours after starting the registration process, the company had to close the registrations due to unprecedented traffic on the website. Next day, the company again started taking registration for Freedom 251.

Later on 19th Feb, the company closed the registration for the first phase. As per Ringing Bells, they have received record 6.17 Crore registrations for the Freedom 251 in two days.

The company also revealed that around 30,000 customers have made the full payment. Earlier the company asked users to pay in advance. Now Ringing bells has added an option to opt for Cash on Delivery.

The Indian company had to take this step due to several controversies around the Freedom 251 started around it. Customers started thinking that they were cheated and they will not get any smartphone.

But now with Cash on delivery(COD) payment option, customers can be assured of their money. They will need to pay only after getting the smartphone in hand.

Rining Bells will deliver 50 Lakh units in first phase. 25 Lakh Freedom 251 will be delivered via online channel while another 25 Lakh units will be distributed via offline channel.

Freedom 251 will be delivered by June 2016. We will have to wait before making any conclusion about the Ringing Bell freedom 251.