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Samsung Electronics is the largest mobile company, Samsung always come up with new features and technology. Samsung Current flagship devices comes with NFC Technology. NFC is a Near Field Communication Technology in which two NFC enabled device can communicate with each other by touching them. When NFC was introduced, it was speculated that this technology could be used for mobile payments. Google has been working on Google Wallet since years, but it didn’t became popular. Since last year, it is rumored that Samsung is working on NFC based mobile payment system. Samsung has partnered with VISA last year to boost the technology, Samsung after that didn’t talked about that. Now a new Trade-Mark filling suggest that this technology is in works.

Samsung Galaxy Card

Samsung Galaxy Card a new Trade-Mark filled by Samsung in Indian Trade Mark office on 06/01/2014. This new name Galaxy Card Suggests that it will be new feature in upcoming Galaxy Devices. As the name suggests, Galaxy device could replace credit cards.  Samsung has Earlier in December made a partnership with MasterCard for mobile payment. Samsung and VISA have already working on this technology since last year, so this new Payment system could be exclusively available for VISA Cards.

Apple is also said to be working on mobile payment technology, but there is no concrete evidence on that. Google has already released Google Wallet. Samsung is about to release Galaxy S5 on 24 Feb in Barcelona, Samsung may unveil this Technology with the new device.