Yet again a Samsung smartphone has caught fire mid-air in India. Samsung Galaxy J7 has been exploded during Delhi Indore Flight operated by Jet Airways. However there were no injuries but the phone has been completely burnt.

Samsung Galaxy J7 2016After the Samsung Galaxy Note7 fiasco, the South Korean company is once again in trouble due to burning phones. This time the phone have caught fire mid-air. The Samsung Galaxy J smartphone belongs to Dhal family residing in Delhi.

The family was traveling to Indore in Jet Airways flight. 15 minutes after the flight took off, the family noticed the smoke coming out of the bag kept below passenger seat. The couple immediately called the cabin crew and checked out the bag.

There were three phones kept in the bag, after looking they found that Samsung Galaxy J7 was the culprit smartphone which was emitting smoke. Reportedly fire extinguishers were not working in Jet Airways flight.

Seeing the inability of fire extinguisher, the cabin crew put the phone in the glass of water and a big accident was avoided. Samsung Galaxy J7 smartphone has been confiscated by Jet Airways for examining it and it would be returned to couple soon. The flight landed safely at Indore airport after the incident.

In a statement, the airline said. “The Jet Airways crew (took) all necessary precautionary measures as per the prescribed guidelines. The mobile device was taken into custody for further investigations. There was no injury to guests or crew or (damage to) any part of the cabin. The aircraft landing was safe and uneventful.”

The incident has been informed to Samsung and company is looking in to the matter. It has been third case of Samsung Galaxy J7 catching fire. Earlier a similar incident has been reported in other countries.

We will update you once we have proper reason for explosion of the Samsung Galaxy J7 smartphone.