We all know samsung Galaxy S4 was launched this year only & it was a great device . But there are some people who love to know about upcoming devices . So today I am posting all the rumor doing round the corner about upcoming model Galaxy S5. Everybody in tech world is excited to know about samsung upcoming model. There are many rumors which suggests that S5 may be released as early as February next year ,means it gonna release earlier than expected. Earlier today a new report arrives which leaked some specs about new phone. So let’s check what rumors have to suggests about new phone

Metal body or diamond coating?

Earlier reports suggest that Galaxy S5 will sport a full metal body phone like iPhone 5 & HTC one , but now rumors suggest that samsung is going to bring new diamond like coating body for Galaxy S5.

A new report says that Samsung is testing a new technology called the “diamond metal surface treatment” that involves diamond material being coated onto the metal case surface of the phone, as per a report by South Korean publication ET News. The report points out the external design of Galaxy S5 is likely to be changed to a great extent. The process will make the phone’s exterior less vulnerable to scratches and deformation- report Suggests.

An “inside source” apparently confirmed to Android Geeks that the Galaxy S5 will arrive with a fully aluminium chassis and a new look.The aluminium frame rumor was given another hat tip by Korean site ETNews which reported that the Galaxy S5 would have an all-metal chassis.


However, Digitimes is reporting that its checks into the suppliers have shown no orders have been given for a metallic phone, with a carbon-fibre chassis an option. Samsung may go for a new coating though, one that brings diamond-like protection to the mix and ensuring the safety of your precious device.

New 64 bit CPU

After Apple released iPhone 5S with all new 64 bit A7 Processor, it became an evolution for mobile industry. It boost benchmarks to a new level. Now every manufacturer is trying to come up with 64 bit. Even samsung spokesperson also said that upcoming model will have 64 bit processor. So expect a 64 bit processor inside Galaxy S5. But if recent leaked specs are to be believed than S5 will not contain 64 bit instead it will be 32 bit processor only. Let’s see what samsung will come up with.

Antutu Benchmark leaks galaxy S5 specs


According to a post on AnTuTu’s blog, a Samsung smartphone with the model number SM-G900F — which is believed to be one of versions of upcoming Galaxy S5 — Data on Antutu server which recorded this week suggest a1080p HD display (1,920 x 1,080 pixels). Other specs include a quad-core 2.5GHz Snapdragon 800 processor — the Galaxy S5 is expected to sport either a Snapdragon 800 or Samsung’s new 64-bit eight-core Exynos processor, depending on region — as well as 16-megapixel camera, 3GB of RAM and Android 4.4 KitKat.

Other Expected Features
Other rumoured features of Samsung Galaxy S5 suggests iris recognition for security, a QHD (2560x1440p) screen, a 64-bit processor, 5.25-inch touchscreen, 16MP Isocell camera and Android 4.4 operating system.

So this was the rumor roundup of upcoming Galaxy S5, which is expected to be unveiled in February 2014.
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