Samsung’s much awaited upcoming flagship galaxy S5, which is about to be released on February 24. Samsung has already sent out the invitations for the launch Event. Invitation didn’t reveal much about the launch, but Samsung has posted a new teaser photo on its official Twitter Handle. The teaser photo indicates a new UI is underway for next flagship. It also indicates circular icons instead of current rectangular icons. After Apple overhauled it iOS, it is Samsung whose TouchWiz is about to get enhancement and updated UI. Last week we reported that Samsung may launch NFC based mobile payment, it is expected that, this feature will be launched along with Galaxy S5

Samsung on the teaser, posts nine icons, Each icon indicates a new feature. The Icons in the teaser photo are — Speed, Outdoor, Curosity, Fun, Social, Style, Privacy, Fitness and Life. Each icon has ‘5’ written over it, which clearly indicates S5 is about to be introduced in the launch event. Each icon indicate a new feature, the icons are new compared to current icons. Let’s decode what these nine icons indicate, Speed indicate new processor and increased RAM. Outdoor may indicate 20MP camera, Curosity is a new feature in which developer will know what user types in the App. Fun and Social May be new improved social features. Style indicates new premium metal design. Privacy will be updated updated version of Samsung Knox. Fitness and Life will be new upgraded version of Current S Health.


In a new leak a website has published the retail packaging of galaxy S5. The photo is aback side of packaging on which specs are written. In the image above you can see that, Galaxy S5 features monstrous specification. The device will reportedly feature 5.25 QHD Super AMOLED Display. It will feature 2.5 GHz Quadcore Processor. The RAM will be 3 GB. On the camera side, it will have 20 MP rear camera and 2 MP front camera. The device will have FullHD Playback and Recording capability. The battery will be of 3,000 mAH. It will also have Smart Remote Control capability. It will feature LTE CAT 4 which have 150 Mbps speed.

The specification which are leaked exactly matches the previous leaks, Earlier leaks also suggest QHD display and 2.5 GHz Processor. If this specification are genuine then this phone will be killer and will set a new benchmark for upcoming devices. Samsung will be first smartphone maker to launch a QHD. The event is scheduled on 24 February in Barcelona at 20:00 CET (25 Feb 00:30 IST). The event will be telecast live on Samsung YouTube channel. We will also provide live details of Galaxy S5. So let’s wait till 24 and see what Samsung features Samsung provides.

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