Dilwale MovieEarlier this year Apple launched its music streaming service, Apple Music. The music streaming service is available on a subscription basis. Apple charges Rs. 120/month for the service, which is priced very competitively compared $9.99 price in USA.  

Once you have subscribed to the service, you can stream or download the music for free from Apple Music. To boost the service in India, Apple has brought Bollywood superstar, ShahRukh Khan on Apple Music connect.

SRK’s upcoming movie Dilwale songs are also exclusively available on iTunes. The Dilwale movie album can be purchased from iTunes for Rs. 100. Individual songs of the movie are also available at just Rs. 15.

Apple Music Connect is feature of the Music Streaming service, in which artists can join and connect with the fans easily. Its like Social Media platforms for Music Artists.

ShahRukh Khan have now joined Apple Music Connect. You can connect him at dedicated Apple Music page of SRK. Artists can share unedited videos, recording scenes or any interesting clips on the Music Connect.

With these types of collaboration, Apple might kick off Apple Music Subscription in India. The service is available to iOS and Android devices.