Let’s face it. We are constantly drawn to anything that says “free.” We can be so busy, preoccupied, or against something but when this magic word appears, we act like we don’t want to miss a single thing. Correct me if I’m wrong but we are chronically and severely addicted to free stuff. Check this out: https://www.blinkist.com/magazine/posts/the-psychology-of-free-why-this-one-magic-word-is-your-most-powerful-secret-weapon.

Tell me if this has never happened to you:

You are dilly-dallying around the supermarket looking to buy some groceries and food supplies for the home. On your list, you have detergent, paper towels, and shampoo prioritized. You’ve basically run out of these commodities and you just need to restock. Detergent check, paper towels check, and all that’s left to grab is your favorite shampoo “Blossom.”

 As you make your way to the shampoo aisle, something catches your attention: Buy 1 Take 1 Shampoo. It’s not Blossom, that’s for sure. In fact, it’s not a brand you would normally buy. But hey, it’s a good bargain so you take it without second guessing. Guess what happens a week later? You totally regret getting caught in the bait. You should’ve gone with the brand you liked.

Like, what shampoo doesn’t even produce suds? Maybe that’s why they were giving the extra bottle away.

Well, you were baited – that’s for sure. And unsurprisingly, this happens a lot in the online world too. At one moment, you think you’re the luckiest guy on earth for striking a great bargain. The next thing you know, you were duped. What’s shocking about this kind of reality is that people can’t seem to get enough of this trickery! They would literally fall for the same tactic over and over again.

But I ask you, just how many times have you seen something “too good to be true” actually deliver what it’s supposed to deliver? Oh, let me answer that for you: Never.

If there’s one thing you need to get to your head, it’s that nothing’s really for free in this world – especially when it comes to online market places.

You think Google is not earning anything from your searches? Well, think again. Google gets a lot of money from advertisements and companies who get their websites featured in the top listings.

You think Facebook simply wants to make the world more connected? That may be one of the positive after effects but it’s not exactly the kind of reward the creators had in mind when they first built the website.

Do you think data-driven websites earn nothing in return for providing people with reliable information? Hardly. Companies pay them for mentions and links.

In the internet world, nothing is really free (read more). This is exactly why the age we live in is regarded as the age of “hyper wealth.” Money literally rolls with clicks. People all over the world are immersed in this digital world where everything seems free – until it’s not. The same goes for VPN services.

Actually, the same goes for every B2B product or service offered online.

Is There Such A Thing As Free VPN?

Again, as mentioned earlier, nothing is free in this world of codes and domains. There will be services or products that may seem free but trust me, host companies will find some way to milk you of your money. A good VPN company will know its worth. And just like any sane company that wishes to provide helpful services to people while making profits, real and reliable VPN companies will price their services in a way that is just and reasonable.

In case you’re still not too familiar with them, a Virtual Private Network is one way to connect online safely. Because the network is private and independently run through secure servers, you can browse online without having to worry about personal data breaches or leaks. This service is helpful to businesses and individuals who seek to maintain the privacy of their activities online.

You shouldn’t really expect such a sensitive service to be offered for free. Real and talented people are paid to keep these systems running and secure. You can’t possibly expect them to hand over the fruits of their labor for free, can you? So between a free or paid VPN, you should already know which one is a better choice.

Should You Settle For A Free VPN?

A free VPN trial, maybe, but never a free VPN service. Remember that the primary purpose of using a VPN is to keep your personal information safe, secure, and private while you browse the internet. But this also means disclosing personal data to your provider. When you opt for free services, you can’t really say that your data is 100% protected. After all, in order for companies to have some liability over your information, you have to establish a contract or relationship with them. Not paying for a service simply invites all sorts of problems in your life. And when something goes wrong, you can’t really say anything against the provider. Your opinion will hardly weigh anything.

After all, it’s not like you paid for their service.

If you’re really hesitant on paying for monthly subscription fees to a VPN provider you still know nothing about, many great companies provide free trials for interested clients. During this free trial, you can figure out whether their services fit what you have in mind or not. You can think about subscribing for real after the trial period is over.

But as for 100% free VPNs? You better keep your guard up.