The question of signing documents always requires a responsible approach. Personal or commercial information requires maximum security and a guarantee that nothing will be leaked. This is the reason why many people and companies have long practiced personal signing of documents. However, modern technology has made it possible to move away from face-to-face meetings and give preference to online.

Electronic signature is an opportunity to not only simplify the process of signing documents, but it is also a safe method of document control. There is no more need to waste time on personal meetings, it is enough to create a signature through special software and be able to certify the necessary files at any time.

General information about how to create a signature online

Online signature is not just a set of characters, it is a marking of various online documents, which must have a connection with a particular person. The basis of the electronic signature is a special key certificate that gives you the opportunity to sign documents.

Many entrepreneurs worry about whether or not an electronic signature is legal. It’s worth assuring right away that according to all current laws about online signatures, this format of signing is equal to traditional ones.

You no longer need to be present in person at government offices to submit declarations or reports or travel to sign contracts in person, you can save time and do all the same functions using any handy gadget.

It is possible to draw a document at any time, all you need to do is enter the necessary data and use the saved file. Just a few minutes of your time will help to optimize a number of processes considerably.

Peculiarities of online signature

Working with documents always requires maximum attention and speed. It is important not only to carefully study each file, but also to quickly fill it out and to sign it, so as not to delay other processes.

Online signature allows you to optimize the process of signing documents, moreover, it will always be stored on your gadget, which will give you the opportunity to quickly sign the necessary file.

Special software for creating electronic signatures opens a number of useful features for users:

  • the possibility of filing income tax returns;
  • reports to the tax office will become easier to fill out;
  • the signing of contracts and agreements becomes less time-consuming;
  • it is always possible to monitor and control the document flow using any handy gadget;
  • the collection of signatures from several parties will be more optimized.

There are a lot of software solutions, which allow you to draw an online signature, but it can be rather difficult to choose a legal and reliable one among all the variety.

New opportunities with Pandadoc for all users

It’s worth noting that users of such services more often recommend paying their attention to Pandadoc. It is with its help that it is possible to quickly, legally and safely make a signature for the necessary documents.

The functionality of the service pleasantly surprises with its features. In addition to standard functions there is an opportunity to:

  • The functionality of the service pleasantly surprises with its features. In addition to standard functions there is an opportunity to:
  • control signed documents;
  • turnover of your documents will become more automated;
  • Certifying of identity on different internet-services;

Moreover, each user of the software solution will be guaranteed to receive proper service and complete safety of all information.