Some lucky Journalists meet the two masterminds behind K3OPS technology, a revolution in green energy that no one could imagine and which will for sure change the world.

Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei demonstrated the power of their devices. “Imagine all the remote controls at your home or in hotels,” explained the creators while staying at the very elegant Sofitel Marseille Vieux Port in France, “Imagine the toxic waste such batteries causes and also how many times you had to buy batteries. Batteries can even explode under certain circumstances and hurt people or even worst when it’s about children that can accidentally swallow a button cell battery. We live in Marseille and for us it is by far the most beautiful city, the view from the Sofitel is breathtaking, the management is outstanding, this is a perfect example of what we always wanted to achieve; to offer the best experience to our customers.”

STICKNCHARGE LTD. focuses on helping humanity to protect the environment by providing products that actually make a change. Unveiling products that make use of the electromagnetic pollution to power devices and even battery-like products that can actually replace batteries, explains why they receive everyday partnerships from the largest companies. A system that consumers only need to buy once, that they don’t have to recharge and that just works and works.

"Life is Magnifique in France" Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei at the Sofitel Marseille Vieux Port

“Life is Magnifique in France”
Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei with the team of Sofitel Marseille Vieux Port

Since some of their products such as the K3 LA LUMIERE, and home automation systems are already manufactured in France, packed and waiting to get out to the masses, the company mail box is filled with partnerships proposals… Each of them is more tempting than the other, “but that wasn’t the case,” explained Xin Wei, “back to the beginning, no one would have imagined that we would have definitely resolved RF energy harvesting.”

They do have a different approach; certainly they look in a direction while other big companies spent hundreds of millions of dollars every year focusing on the wrong one. “We first look at the sky, and then we look down, in the quantum, because the minus is always the stronger.” added Xin Wei. “We are not for sale!” said the co-founder of STICKNCHARGE LTD. The interest of major companies to join them is certainly due to the size of the market, just talking about batteries, around 45 billion batteries are selling every year, not mentioning the button cell batteries around 30 billion units.

Alexandre Despallieres concluded “A few years back there was an IP address shortage. IPv4 addresses are the backend of the internet and networks. As an example when you enter our website at, it directs you to our server’s ip address. Few years ago most IP addresses were used, so they conceived IPv6, allowing nearly an endless supply of IP addresses and all companies jump into this and make their devices IP-accessible. This leads to more and more devices emitting RF signals, more electricity is used and therefore more electromagnetic fields will exit, those devices from the company and turn the invisible pollution into energy. As you can see, each bad side has also a good side.”

Everybody tries to gather the information that everybody is dying to have: Who are they going to choose as a partnership to release the first smartphone battery free, the first mobile phone that would be really mobile, the first smartphone that will be really smart. This will make a lot of noise because so far the last big change came from Apple in 2007, with the iPhone. A smartphone that charge itself really is a revolution. Having spoken to Jun Yuan, leading the Artificial Intelligence department and negotiating partnerships for Asia and Pacific, the question remains: How far this technology can lead? What kind of product Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei will disclose next? Will it be a self-powered car joining Elon Musk or Google?  Generators for buildings?.. Everything is possible with this endless source of green energy.