On World Book Day 2022, Soul App ran a campaign called “A Book Lights Up Your Life”, inviting all Soulers (Soul App Users) to share a book that has affected their lives. SOUL believes that by lanuching this campaign, every Souler will be able to take a break from their daily routine and reflect on the values and principles that books have instilled in them. In this way, SOUL urges all the Soulers to engage with the SOUL mission and values.

by reading books, they discover their academic interests and career goals

Souler @Chris’s favorite book is Money Puppies, an enchanting educational story. In this book, the principles of money management were introduced in a funny way which kindled his interest to finance. Now he is an undergraduate majoring in Finance at University of Warwick, a top business school in the United Kingdom. He enjoys sharing finance tips and economic theories on Soul App, wishing his posts may inspire other youths to study finance.

Anna didn’t plan on majoring in design at first, but she changed her mind after reading Designing Design, which doesn’t teach readers how to design but rather presents them with the power of design. Having cultivated a passion for design, Anna converted that passion into a career by opening her own design studio.

Empowered by books, she bravely reflects on herself and corrects her mistakes.

Thanks to the book Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life, Souler @Jasmine saved her love and job. She still vividly remembered how shocked she was when she read it for the first time. She found she had made so many mistakes in daily communication. That’s why she struggled in both her work and relationship. By reading this book, she understood that everyone’s happiness, to some extent, depended on how well she or he got along with the surrounding people. In our daily lives, verbal accusations, sarcasm, preaching, refusal and other forms of miscommunication can bring us emotional trauma, which are even more painful than physical injury. “Life is not a debate. I should express myself and listen to others effectively instead of quarreling wrong and right.” She suggests other Soulers to mind the art of language.

Motivated by books, he takes action to defend the blue earth.

After reading Rising, Souler @Victor learned that environmental degradation may set off a chain of catastrophes, such as coastline erosion. Low-income inhabitants around the coasts will be the first crowd of refugees if this happens. To avert such a nightmarish scenario, he is working hard to raise environmental consciousness among Soulers as the first step toward ecological protection.

During the “A Book Lights Up Your Life” campaign, some Soulers grasped this chance to appeal for environmental protection, some shared their thoughts on reading, others met new friends with the same shared books. A great number of Soulers have participated in SOUL’S mission and values in this way. In the future, Soul App will be dedicated to developing an innovative solution that encourages young generations to express themselves effectively and build social connections bravely.