It all started long time ago, and since then, nothing really changed. Arpanet (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) eventually become Internet. But the foundations are too old and today the Web is full of bugs. You don’t want to go there alone have declared Alexandre DESPALLIERES and Xin WEI, the two creators of K3OPS‘ technology.

Recently, a consortium founded by Huawei, IBM, Intel, Schneider Electric, SAP, EMC and Hosch among others, that aims to connect, to control and to integrate by the use of universal architecture the Internet of Things, claims to be there also to protect our data collected for the public companies. The consortium has signed a partnership with ITAC (IoT Acceleration Consortium) has been established in order to promote utilization of Internet of Things in industries, governments and academies, in response to the new era of IoT,  Big Data and AI. A consortium with more than 2000 members!

Alexandre DESPALLIERES and Xin WEI

Alexandre DESPALLIERES and Xin WEI

Will they do that for free? “Since this consortium will obtain an all access granted pass to your personal information, they will be the master and we will become the slave. Keep in mind that nothing is for free, insisted Alexandre DESPALLIERES, this so called ‘Free’ hides an expensive cost and increases the risk to be hacked. So the gratuity is for sure not at your own advantage since when it’s for free, it’s because you become the product!”

Meantime, a Samsung J5 exploded while in hands of a teenager in France, another recall from Samsung about their Washing machine, dryers… we do have reason to be scare because it’s not only our smartphones but also our home appliances that burn into flames and may explode.

“We are facing a major problem, added Xin WEI, the IoT is not only spying every move we made, it is also the favorite playground of hackers. All of the sudden, our own devices turned as our own enemies, they proved that they can become weapons. Does this consortium will also check all, malfunctions, technical failures from manufacturers or brands? Nope, our safety is absolutely not their concern. So what are the solutions? What next is going to happen? When companies will assume the entire responsibility of theirs mistakes, we will progress! But for now all we can predict is another cybercriminals wave due to the total lack of security from our IoT is about to come.”

To make short they both concluded: There are spiders in the web!