STR Capital

STR Capital Review

Getting access to some of the best trading conditions is not too easy, even though we have so many different brokers operating. Each has its own flaws and somehow many traders can’t find the right fit. STR Capital is a relatively new online trading brand wanting to provide its unique perspective on trading the markets via a proprietary trading software and some trading tools designed to enhance the trading performance.


The first and most important trading tool is the trading platform. STR Capital relies on a web-based solution made in-house, integrating both popular as well as some new trading features. According to the broker, it aims to provide a uniform trading experience. At first glance, the platform looks easy-to-use despite the new interface.

STR Capital platformSince STR Capital accepts clients from all around the world, without any restrictions, the platform must be suited for both beginners and experienced traders. Among the most notable functionalities, the ability to make deposits, place price alerts, set favorite instruments, and view the gainers/losers for the day, are just a few of them.

Advanced charting, multiple time frames, and technical indicators had been included. At the same time, live TV features and a news section will provide some of the latest market developments. Depending on the account type chosen, clients can also get access to trading signals, helping them to find opportunities easier.

The platform offers access to a wide range of trading instruments, including forex, crypto, indices, commodities, stocks, ETFs, and bonds. From this point of view, STR Capital has the same functionalities as some of the most popular trading brands.

Trading with STR Capital

  • General User Experience

As a global trading brand, STR Capital had to provide friendly services, so customers will not have any major troubles in using them. Almost all the activities will be performed via the trading platform, which is accessible via any device. This means traders don’t have to log in on many different pages to perform any tasks. The broker promises to use a variety of security protocols to prevent unwanted threats when it comes to user data and funds protection.

STR Capital user experience

  • Account Types

Different traders have different needs and particular financial conditions. As a result, the offer assembled by STR Capital includes 6 different account types. Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Millioner Club are the options available at the time of writing. To open a Basic account, a trader should deposit at least €500 and in exchange will get access to the most basic trading offer. This includes trading alerts, up to 10% loyalty bonus and insurance level, trading signals, daily market review, and up to 2 weeks of assistance from an account manager.

To reward clients willing to deposit more money, upgraded account types are available and offer access to several optimized trading features. The loyalty bonus and insurance level can reach up to 100%, the number of trading signals per day increases, saving account and money management services are provided, alongside exclusive updates and assistance from a group of analysts. Depending on how much each trader can deposit, trading benefits will be proportionally distributed

  • Payment Options

Funding a trading account is convenient since traders can use make a simple deposit via credit/debit card. For this option and for the internet payment methods, funds are deposited almost instantly, and traders can start their activity. Wire transfers are also supported, but STR Capital charges a standard fee for each transaction.

Withdrawals can be made via the same methods, although passing the verification process is required. Traders should be aware of trading conditions associated with the loyalty bonus because they have to complete a trading volume before being eligible to make withdrawals.

  • Education

Education is one of the building blocks for any retail traders and brokerage companies are trying to assist their customers with valuable data. It is the case with STR Capital, which offers access to daily market reviews, money management services, assistance from a group of analysts, trading signals, and other basic resources for beginners. The main goal is to facilitate how traders make decisions and improve their trading process.

Final Thoughts

STR Capital is a financial services provider that has the advantage of offering access to a wide range of asset classes, including forex, crypto, indices, commodities, stocks, ETFs, and bonds. Via the web-based trading platform, customers can benefit from a user-friendly interface and place trades, assisted by the trading tools made available by the broker.

Trading signals, daily market reviews, the group of analysts, and some other features are currently available. STR Capital qualifies as a reliable trading brand, showing a willingness to provide up-to-date trading services for customers all around the world. With no evidence of a scam, this is a trading brand worth paying attention to.