Kiloo Game’s Popular game Subway Surfers which is on World Tour, today updated with Indian version. Subway surfers now visits Mumbai city, trains used in updated game is Mumbai local trains ,some trains are also based on Delhi metro trains, update also includes new character Jay.


Subway surfer now updated to version 1.17.0 , update log from App Store :

– The Subway surfers world tour continuous in India
– Run through colorful streets of India.
– Add the athletic champion, Jay , to your collection of limited character
– check out flashy outfit of Tasha & Frank
– Watch a video to get 2 keys

The updates sports a local indian cops which runs behind the character to catch him. The game also features Lotus flower, by taking certain amounts of flower gives you some gift.


Subway surfers is a popular endless runner game. Game is available on major platforms including App Store , android , windows Phone. Game is available on both iPhone & iPad. The character has to run over the train tracks, also over train coaches . The character has to collect coins. The game continuos till you bump into something.

The game is available for free on App Store & google play .